197: The Downside Of DIY: Why You Need A Coach To Achieve Your Goals

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Hey friends are you trying to reach your goals and fulfill your potential but not sure whether to go the DIY route or hire a coach Let s take a look at the downsides of going it alone Without a coach it s easy to get stuck in your own patterns and habits limiting your growth and progress You might miss blind spots that a coach could help you identify DIY can also lead to burnout and overwhelm as you take on all the responsibilities yourself without the support and guidance of a coach Finally without a coach you might not be held accountable for your actions and may struggle to stay motivated and on track So why not give a listen to the full episode and see why a coach might just be the best thing since sliced bread Don t let the downsides of DIY hold you back – take the first step towards achieving your dreams amp tune in today — Support this podcast https anchor fm aligned-with-purpose-in-life-and-leadership supportClick here to visit this podcast episode

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