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224. Note Investing To Financial Freedom With Fred Moskowitz

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Are you frustrated with the traditional real estate investment route spending countless hours dealing with property management and tenant issues but not achieving the desired results It apos s time to break free from this ineffective approach and explore note investing as a new path to financial freedom Join us on Average Joe Finances as our guest Fred Moskowitz reveals the ultimate solution to attaining the desired outcome of financial freedom through note investing Get ready to learn the strategies and gain the knowledge needed to pave your way toward a life of financial security and independence In this episode Discover how to transition from a successful career to mortgage note investing and unlock the path to financial freedom Learn about the benefits of note investing as a lender including cash flow predictability and scalability and how it can help you achieve your financial goals Explore both active and passive ways to get involved in note investing and find the strategy that suits your lifestyle and investment objectives Understand the key differences between mortgage note and stock market returns and discover how note investing can potentially offer higher returns and greater control over your investments And so much more Key Moments 00 00 46 – Fred Moskowitz apos s Background00 03 15 – Introduction to Mortgage Note Investing00 05 53 – Why Fred Chose Mortgage Note Investing00 09 23 – Active vs Passive Note Investing00 18 01 – Utilizing Retirement Funds for Note Investing00 21 07 – Trends in Mortgage Notes00 25 42 – Buying Notes at a Discount00 26 19 – Starting with a Fund or Individual Notes00 27 48 – Importance of Using a CRMFind Fred Moskowitz on Website www fredmoskowitz comFacebook www facebook com thefredmoskowitzInstagram www instagram com thefredmoskowitzAverage Joe Finances All of our social media links and more https averagejoefinances com linksAbout Mike https mikecavaggioni comShow Notes add-on continued here https averagejoefinances com show-notes DISCLAIMER https averagejoefinances com disclaimerSee our full episode transcripts here https podcast averagejoefinances com episodesSupport the showClick here to visit this podcast episode

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