278 | Brian Evergreen | Autonomous Transformation: Creating A More Human Future In The Era Of AI

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How can we embrace artificial intelligence without losing our humanity in the process The use of AI has revolutionized the way we work communicate and live But despite this there is a growing concern that technology will undermine our sense of humanity and lead to a loss of human connection Embracing technology without sacrificing human values requires a balanced approach helping us to create a future where AI serves as a tool to improve lives rather than a force that dehumanizes our experiences Brian Evergreen through his book Autonomous Transformation Creating a More Human Future in the Era of AI dives deep into how AI can be harnessed to drive efficiency and innovation while keeping human needs and values at the forefront He highlights practical frameworks and methodologies for leaders and organizations to implement AI responsibly ensuring that the shift to autonomous technology is guided by human-centered principles In this episode of The Greatness Machine Darius is joined by Brian to discuss the evolving landscape of AI and autonomous technology They explore the potential of AI to reshape industries eliminate inefficiencies and create new opportunities while also addressing concerns about the deflationary impact of automation Topics include Brian dives deep into his book Autonomous Transformation Brian talks about his chess background and the lessons he learned from it Learning critical and creative thinking skills through chess What makes chess different from other games The impact of autonomous AI on professional services The benefits of having a more human-centered approach to technology And other topics Connect with Brian Website https brianevergreen com LinkedIn https www linkedin com in brianevergreen Book https www amazon com Autonomous-Transformation-Creating-Artificial-Intelligence dp 1119985293 Connect with Darius Website https therealdarius com Linkedin https www linkedin com in dariusmirshahzadeh Instagram https www instagram com imthedarius YouTube https therealdarius com youtube Book The Core Value Equation https www amazon com Core-Value-Equation-Framework-Limitless dp 1544506708 Learn more about your ad choices Visit megaphone fm adchoices

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