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#589 Heavy Equipment Renting With Camille And Phil Of Edge1 Equipment Rentals.

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Camille and Phil tell us about leadership in a male-dominated industry changes in communication matching services to client needs prioritizing safety and deciding what to buy We also discuss covid s effect on brands issues with changing to battery and teaching kids that construction is an option on this episode of The Construction Life Podcast Find Camille Jagdeo and Phil da Costa of Edge1 Equipment Rentals at Edge1 ca and Edge1Equipment Reach out at 1-800-216-6663 Camille Edge1 ca and Phil Edge1 ca Stay connected with The Construction Life Podcast by texting Manny at 416 433-5737 or emailing him at manny theconstructionlife com If you have something to contribute to the podcast email info theconstructionlife com to schedule a time to join us in studio Are you interested in the latest trends in building renovation home improvement real estate architecture design engineering contracting trades and DIY Look no further Our construction podcast and social media content cover a wide range of topics including project management safety best practices business development leadership marketing customer service productivity sustainability technology innovation and industry newsClick here to visit this podcast episode

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