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About This Single

Went from writing a record with a band as Feels is an example of to writing a multi genre album while kept from playing live during covid. Track one: Feels is a layered musical love song that carries the albums theme of metaphors in love and life. The lyrics were written by Chad off a recording of a jam session the trio had. When it’s real it’s real. Track 2: Amen is a song born from the frustration of being held back during such a pivotal point in my career and many others I saw being brought to a sudden halt after years of hard work. Amen is a song about not only supporting musicians but each other. Taking in the good in life and rolling with the punches. Amen. Track 3: Body Language was the first single off the record and the song that started getting me (Chad) out of the studio and back with a live band to write. Inspired by the likes of the Chili Peppers body language was supposed to be a clunky yet tight pop song at the same time with a heavy hitting rock section. Set to be included in the upcoming ep 2023 following Feels push and B side single releases, Body language is meant to sound like the messy web that love is from it’s production and performance. These tracks are 3 singles off a recent 13 track LP release titled, “Feels” which is out streaming everywhere now. Set to tour the record the remainder of the Summer Fall while recording a full band EP set to release later this year.
Total Engagement: 889* / Genre:ROCK / ALTERNATIVE

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