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Rosie V Empress – Intro Light of Day

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About This Single

Rosie V Empress has released a new album, it is piano only and it’s improvisation. “In this instrumental piano album, each composition unfolds like a delicate story, weaving through the senses with titles such as ‘Floral Curtain,’ ‘Watering Pot,’ ‘Window View,’ and ‘Summer Breeze.’ As the pianist, I found inspiration in the simple act of playing, transporting myself to a world where opening a window invites the fragrant scents of nature to dance through the air. Each note is a brushstroke, painting vivid scenes in the mind’s eye, capturing the essence of a serene garden or the gentle touch of a summer breeze. Join me on this musical journey, where every title is a doorway to a realm of imagination and emotion.” the album “Momentum Is Now” available from November 29 on streaming services.
Total Engagement: 112* / Genre:POP

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