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Darren Jonathon’s Average Joe Down Under Podcast is targeted toward people living in Australia, but the advise can be applied to people in any country. If you live or are thinking of moving to Australia, this is the perfect podcast for you. Episodes on this show cover finances, business success, taxes in Australia, job and career development, the Australian lifestyle, traditions, customs, and more. The podcast also focuses on expats, people who move to another country other than their native country or who grew up in another country. This way, if you are an expat living in Australia and need some help getting accustomed to it, you can listen to Darren’s episodes to help you ease into the Australian lifestyle. With special guests including coaches, teachers, investors, traveling, and just navigating Australia in general, listen to Average Joe Down Under for inspiring stories, personal anecdotes, and insider knowledge. We notice that a lot people move from the U.K. to the Australia, so if you are making the move between both countries, this is a great episode from you. Did you know that the rock band AC/DC are originally from the United Kingdom? Most people think that they are originally from the Australia, but they are really expats from the U.K. You can also read the blog post on Darren’s website for advice on moving to Australia at https://darrenjonathon.com/moving-to-australia/

Our three favorite and most valuable episodes are:

Financial Transformation: From Debt To A Million In 5 Years PART ONE

An explanation of how Darren was in debt and his struggle to become a multi-millionaire. This episode covers money management while in debt and after debt as well as getting out of debt altogether. With special guests, Darren interviews people who went from debt to millionsm, the Australian way. This episode from Average Joe Down Under shows you the way to make the financial transformation. They also discuss working hard, paying taxes, financial responsibility.

Navigating Careers And Coaching With Paul: Insights For Success With @onethirdcoaching

Darren interviews leadership and career coach Paul Smith is also an expat who helps people develop their careers and look for a new job when relocating to Australia. Paul lived in North America, Ireland and several countries before finally settling in Australia. Paul also explains his easy transition into the Australia lifestyle and how he developed his own career.

Fly Smart: Unlocking Travel Hacks And Frequent Flyer Points Secrets With @fly_like_ry

This episode focuses on accumulating frequesnt flyer miles and how to travel for cheap. Some of the advice in this episode can be applied for travels in any country. Darren interviews Ryan. You can also check out Ryan on Instagram at @fly_like_ry, which is where Darren and Ryan met. Ryan is also an expat from the United Kingdom. As of this blog post, I personally have 75,000 miles on Delta Airlines, but I am not always sure how to use them, so this episode is very valuable for me and I am in the United States.

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