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The sponsored podcasts on our podcast network are podcasts that are promoted on our home page. The home page of the World Podcast Network is the most popular web page as it is the easiest to navigate for our visitors. We added this new section in March 2022.

Why Is There A Sponsored Podcast Section?

When podcasts are added to the podcast network for the first time (Standard and Professional level), they display in our Newest Podcasts section of the home page. We only display the latest 12 podcasts. As new podcasts are added, all the podcasts shift over one slot. Eventually, a podcast will eventually drop off that section and then be available through its dedicated podcast profile page, search results, the podcast directory, and category pages. Several podcasters asked for a more effective way to be displayed on the home page where their podcast can remain there longer than the latest 12 podcasts. As a result, we came up with a method to solve this popular request and the feature “Sponsored Podcasts” was the answer.

What Exactly Are Sponsored Podcasts On Our Network?

The Sponsored Podcasts feature is a paid monthly service that accommodates podcasters who want more promotion. It is the fairest way to give podcasters who are willing to invest in their exposure. We want to make this a very valuable service, so we are always coming up with ways to promote the sponsored podcasts throughout the podcast network.

In What Order Are Sponsored Podcasts Displayed On Our Network?

Sponsored podcasts are displayed in random rotation on the home page, meaning that every time someone visits the podcast network’s home page, the order is random. Since there are three sponsor plans, one plan does not show higher than another. However, the 6-month plan allows for double exposure which is that sponsored podcasts with that plan display twice as often than podcasts from the other two sponsor plans.

Where on the Podcast Network Do Sponsored Podcasts Display?

Several places throughout our network.

Highlighting Sponsored Podcasts On Our Podcast Directory

The podcast directory is also one of the most popular web pages on our directory. Visitors can view a simple list of all of our podcasts. It is organized by podcast level with Professional level podcasts appearing on top. Sponsored podcasts are also highlighted in green to make them stand out even more. The Sponsored Podcasts section is open to all podcast levels from Free to Professional. We wanted a way to highlight the sponsored podcast on this popular page as well. Sponsored podcasts are highlighted with a thick green border to indicate that they are sponsored podcasts. Our home page: Our home page is the most visited page on our network. This is the solution that most podcasters were asking about: How to stay on the home page longer past the newest twelve podcasts. The Sponsored Podcasts section appears right under the newest podcasts section. More plans to add sponsored podcasts will be implemented in Winter 2023 including the leaderboard, search results and other popular sections.

Category Pages

In February 2023, the sponsored podcasts will also be highlighted on category pages with the same lime green border as on the podcast page.

Search Results

In Spring 2023, search results will also highlight the sponsored podcasts with a green border to indicate that they are sponsored.

Sponsor Your Podcast

Monthly Sponsorship

✓  Your sponsorship on the home page randomly rotated
✓  Listing in the Sponsored Podcasts section
Most Popular!

3-Month Sponsorship

✓  Everything in the Monthly sponsorship
✓  Your podcast banner at the top of your category
✓  Monthly newsletter blast
✓  Your podcast highlighted on the podcast directory

6-Month Sponsorship

✓  Everything in 3-Month sponsorship
✓  Double exposure (2 sponsors)
✓  Monetization link
✓  Your podcast banner at the top any search term
✓  Your podcast banner at the top of Sponsor Podcasts
✓  Top listing on our podcast directory

In Conclusion

We are proud of this new section as it solves a need for podcasters to have additional exposure on our network. As we work to launch new ways for podcasters to be highlighted, we feel that podcasts with the Sponsored Podcast status is one of the best ways to further promote engagement for each podcast which elects to enroll in this new service.

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