Australian-born Hazza Succeeds in China and Is Now Turning To Podcasters To Promote His Music

Australian-born Hazza Succeeds in China and Is Now Turning To Podcasters To Promote His Music

Hazza is a television host and singer from Australia based in Guangzhou, China. After Hazza started his videos of cover songs to popular Chinese video-sharing websites, they all received over 100 million hits combined and that sparked the success of his 2012 hit single Let Go on iTunes. That move brought Hazza to the top of the Guangzhou radio charts for 11 weeks.

His second single, No Worries released in late 2014, was a collaboration with Chinese singer-songwriter Wu Huan peaked at #3 on local radio charts.  Mr. Gentleman was the third single and was released on 2015.

On November 23, 2020, Hazza announced via his Twitter account that his single “I Was Wrong,” a song about a personal breakup, had peaked at No.5 on a national music chart in China, broadcast on more than 25 radio stations across mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

How We Describe Hazza’s Music

Hazza’s music is modern pop and is great for dancing, partying, and just listening to upbeat pop music. If you like similar genres including K-Pop, Hazza’s music fits right in. His music is well mixed and mastered with his lyrics shining through on every song. Some of his lyrics are part English and part Chinese, so for podcast audience members who speak both or either language, the lyrics will be very easy to understand.

For Your Podcast

Hazza’s music is currently featured on the top of the World Podcast Network’s Podsafe Music Directory and can easily be downloaded by MP3 to incorporate right into your show. You can learn more about Hazza on these online media publications and blogs: Each MP3 can can also be downloaded at these addresses for your podcast:

I Was Wrong Mr. Gentleman No Worries 

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