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In this episode of Wicked Problems Climate Tech Conversations host Richard Delevan dives into groundbreaking new law in Vermont and its potential to reshape the fight against climate change Richard is joined by two distinguished guests nbsp Lucy Maxwell Co-Director of the nbsp Climate Litigation Network and nbsp Tobias Engelmeier Co-Founder of Munich-based climate tech startup nbsp VIDA They explore the intersection of litigation legislation and technological innovation in tackling climate change and holding major carbon polluters accountable Key Topics Discussed Interview with Lucy Maxwell- Lucy Maxwell discusses her role as Co-Director of the Climate Litigation Network and the organisation s work in climate justice – Climate Superfund Act Lucy explains the significance of the Vermont Climate Superfund Act which seeks to fund climate adaptation and infrastructure resilience through damages collected from major polluters – Human Rights Litigation Insights into the human rights-based litigation approach exemplified by cases like the Urgenda ruling and the recent European Court of Human Rights decision involving Swiss senior women – Global Impact Lucy highlights how these legal precedents are influencing climate litigation worldwide including in Korea Australia and Latin America Wicked Problems is a reader-supported publication To receive new posts and support my work consider becoming a free or paid subscriber Interview with Tobias Engelmeier- Tobias introduces VIDA which leverages satellite imagery and advanced data analytics to assess climate risks and opportunities for infrastructure projects – Climate Data and Technology Discussion on how VIDA technology provides granular climate risk assessments helping investors insurers and governments make informed decisions about infrastructure resilience – Vermont Legislation s Relevance Tobias explains why VIDA has been closely monitoring the Vermont Climate Superfund Act and how such legislation could drive demand for climate adaptation technologies – Future of Climate Adaptation Insights into the potential for new markets and innovations in climate adaptation driven by legislative and regulatory changes Quotes – Lucy Maxwell The climate crisis is a human rights crisis and governments have human rights obligations to adopt strong and robust climate laws based on science – Tobias Engelmeier We are very excited about the Vermont legislation because it represents a massive change in the legal regulatory environment potentially driving demand for climate adaptation technologies Featured Guests nbsp Lucy Maxwell Co-Director of the Climate Litigation Network an expert in climate justice and human rights-based litigation nbsp Tobias Engelmeier Co-Founder and CEO of VIDA a Munich-based startup focused on using satellite imagery and data analytics to assess climate risks for infrastructure projects Hosted on Acast See acast com privacy for more information Click here to visit this podcast episode

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