Breech Births: What Are Your Options And What Are The Risks With Rixa Freeze, PhD

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Dr Freeze is the founder and president of Breech Without Borders which is dedicated to breech training education and advocacy We talk about what mamas can do if they are coming up to birth and baby is breech what the risks are and what having a breech birth looks like Where to find Rixa WebsiteInstagramLinks Mentioned My Essential Birth CourseMy Essential Birth Postpartum CourseMy Essential Birth Instagram3 Free ExercisesGET IN TOUCH Reach out at any time to hello myessentialbirth com We love hearing from you Looking for more info on the birth course CLICK HERE For the THREE FREE EXERCISES – Get your FREE Download here Follow us here on INSTAGRAM Want to be the first to know about our latest promotions exclusive discounts and limited-time offers on our My Essential Birth products Click HERE Click here to visit this podcast episode

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