Cause of Death Podcast From Crime Scene Cleaner Marcell Engel

The new podcast Cause of Death With Marcell Engel was just launched and has already gotten almost 100 plays. The podcast description is: The death of a person always has a cause. Sure! In this podcast, we not only get to the bottom of these various causes, but – as strange as it sounds – we learn from them. Marcell Engel is a crime scene cleaner and has dealt with more than 12000 crime scenes in various countries in his life. Many of these crime scenes have changed the speaker, entrepreneur and book author, shaped his life and sometimes even inspired him. And that’s exactly what he wants to share with you in this podcast.

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Check Out the Highlighted Episode “At Grandmas”

Check out #001 CAUSE OF DEATH – At Grandmas at – Show Notes: When an excited old lady calls the crime scene cleaner, something terrible must have happened.When Marcell Engel arrives at the crime scene, he is already expected. What happened to the old lady?! Marcell Engel will tell us.

We listened to a lot of episodes from this podcast. Yes, we are hooked. Here are some of our favorite episodes:

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