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Connecting The Unconnected With Walter Steele

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Walter Steele a passionate traveler and entrepreneur shares his journey from seeking adventure to finding a business opportunity He discusses the power of entrepreneurship and his life-changing trip to Guatemala where he discovered the country s beauty and tumultuous history nbsp He started a Guatemala business focusing on women s empowerment and education The conversation delves into the local community s challenges including economic hardships and gender inequality Walter expresses optimism about the future of Guatemala and emphasizes the importance of ongoing efforts to support economic development and empower marginalized communities nbsp Embrace opportunities for personal and professional growth while positively impacting the world Highlights 02 30 Life-Changing Trip to Guatemala 08 00 Entrepreneurial Ventures 15 15 Supporting Local Communities 22 31 Cultural Perspectives and Biases 32 00 Philanthropic EffortsWalter Steele Bio Walter Steele the visionary founder of Atitlan Leather is a passionate advocate for connecting global communities through ethical commerce Born out of a profound appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of the Mayan population around Lake Atitlan Walter s journey began with a simple yet profound observation the beauty of the volcanoes reflected in the waters of Lake Atitlan juxtaposed with the exquisite handcrafted goods of the local artisans Driven to alleviate economic uncertainty and empower local entrepreneurs Walter established Atitlan Leather to bridge the gap between small business artisans and the global marketplace By providing financial assistance business consulting and exclusive worldwide distribution of artisan products Atitlan Leather empowers local craftsmen and craftswomen to build sustainable businesses year-round Since its inception in 2013 Atitlan Leather has been dedicated to offering a diverse range of high-quality handmade leather goods tailored to the traveler s lifestyle With a focus on durability practicality and affordability Walter and his team ensure that each product embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration Beyond business partnerships Walter shares a deep personal connection with his collaborator Domingo transcending the realm of entrepreneurship Their friendship extends beyond the daily grind of business operations as they bond over shared interests such as foraging for izote and bananas in the forest playing soccer and embarking on scenic hikes For Walter Atitlan Leather is not just a business venture it s a testament to the power of ethical shopping and meaningful partnerships By choosing Atitlan Leather customers directly support small business owners in Guatemala and contribute to the sustainable growth of Atitlan Leather itself which is based in Washington state With every purchase Walter s vision of fostering economic empowerment and cultural exchange becomes a tangible reality one handmade leather product at a time Links https www guatemalahousingalliance orghttps atitlanleather comwalter atitlanleather com nbsp https tacticaltravelerclub comSponsored Links https therootbrands com product zero-inhttps newulife com hk en nbsp https trufinco com nbsp Click here to visit this podcast episode

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