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Elevating Your Advertising Game (with Robert Brill)

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David Baer sits down with Robert Brill the insightful founder of Brill Media to discuss the key factors that make advertising truly effective From the significance of client feedback to the evolution of media buying this episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone looking to optimize their marketing efforts Robert Brill a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience in media buying and advertising emphasizes the importance of testing creative elements to drive sales and understand customer preferences He delves into the significance of varying advertising tactics to resonate with different consumer segments and discusses the evolution of measurable success through data analytics Moreover Robert and David highlight the benefits of the always on approach in advertising underscoring the necessity of continuous fine-tuning to create a stronger business and achieve a better product-market fit Are you looking to make the most of your advertising budget Robert mentions a monthly creative testing framework designed to help you find the best-performing ads enabling you to continuously optimize your efforts for the utmost impact Whether you re just starting with a modest budget or are ready to scale up to a significant investment Brill Media caters to businesses and agencies of all sizes specializing in media buying services for industries seeking leads or sales Links Mentioned https brillmedia co Click here to visit this podcast episode

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