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EP #1376: Seven Principles For Trekking Life With Grace And Other Life Lessons From Kick Ass Women’s Adventure Travel

SummaryIn this conversation Lisa Davis interviews Erin Leider-Pariser author of the book Get Lost Seven Principles for Trekking Life with Grace and Other Life Lessons from Kick Ass Women s Adventure Travel They discuss Erin s experiences and philosophy of adventure travel as well as her journey of turning a skiing accident into an opportunity to write her book They also touch on topics such as integrity friendship mindfulness and the importance of meaningful conversations Erin shares her insights on yoga the power of getting out of one s comfort zone and the transformative nature of travel In this conversation Erin Leider-Pariser discusses her book Stat Trip and the transformative power of adventure travel She shares her experiences leading women on hiking and trekking trips around the world emphasizing the importance of community intuition and personal growth Erin also talks about the role of pushing oneself physically and mentally the development of lifelong friendships among trip participants and the lessons she has learned from her own travel mishaps She concludes by discussing her upcoming trip to the Azores and providing information on how to connect with her and purchase her book Keywordsadventure travel philosophy integrity friendship mindfulness meaningful conversations yoga comfort zone transformative travel adventure travel women s travel community intuition personal growth friendships pushing oneself travel mishapsTakeawaysAdventure travel can be a transformative experience that allows individuals to step out of their comfort zones and grow Meaningful conversations and sharing one s intentions and fears can be empowering and bring people closer together Yoga is a practice that should be tailored to each individual s body and needs rather than following rigid approaches It s important not to shield children from life s painful truths as they need to learn and grow from these experiences Traveling to different cultures and immersing oneself in new experiences can provide valuable insights and broaden perspectives Adventure travel can be a transformative experience that pushes individuals physically and mentally Building a strong community and embracing friendships are essential for personal happiness and growth Listening to and honoring one s intuition is crucial in making travel decisions and in life Travel mishaps can lead to valuable lessons and personal growth Adventure travel can foster lifelong friendships and connections among trip participants TitlesThe Importance of Facing Life s Painful TruthsTrekking Life with Grace Lessons from Adventure Travel Lessons Learned from Travel MishapsThe Transformative Power of Adventure TravelSound Bites I really just didn t have anything to do I mean I was like what am I going to do for eight weeks all laid up And then COVID hit and everybody else was laid up So I you know I said all right you got you got to do something And I took I took this time to to really get introspective I want you to do it on your own And this is just like a little template for you This is how I did it But I want you to do it I m not looking for you to come with me I want you to you know take it on your own Hold on to what is good even if it is only a handful of dirt Hold on to what you believe even if it s only a tree that stands by itself Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here Hold on to your life I would recommend going to Central America because it s the time zone is the same Getting robbed is a violation You know anyway you know but getting robbed in a you know in a place like this in a sacred valley and because I really go to places like Santa Fe which is so sacred We can go to Paris on a shopping spree Chapters00 00Introduction and Overview of Erin s Book00 54Adventure Travel in Ecuador and Shaman Ceremony03 35The Power of Meaningful Conversations and Sharing Intentions08 54Yoga Embracing Individuality and Letting Go of Rigidity11 49The Importance of Facing Life s Painful Truths16 33Travel as a Catalyst for Personal Growth and Cultural Understanding23 41Lessons Learned from Travel Mishaps26 36Building Community and Embracing Friendships28 04The Role of Pushing Oneself Physically and Mentally33 27Fostering Lifelong Friendships through Adventure TravelClick here to visit this podcast episode

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