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EP #1394: How Calming Inflammation Sparks Gut Health, Fights Disease & Extends Your Lifespan

Lisa is joined by Risa Groux CN a Functional Nutritionist in private practice in Newport Beach California and has always been passionate about nutrition and good health She made her children s baby food from scratch and continues to cook and create healthy nutritious food She works with a wide array of clients from professional athletes adults and kids to the Biggest Loser from season 4 with issues like diabetes autoimmune disease cancer digestion thyroid and hormone imbalances 2 TopicFunctional Nutrition and upcoming book FoodFrame Diet Is A Four-Letter Word 3 5-7 talking points and or questionsRisa firmly believes that the body can heal itself with whole foods we obtain from the earth and sees living proof of that in her office each day She looks at root causes using functional nutrition guidelines and knows that weight loss is a side effect of wellness In addition to her private practice Risa has a line of non-GMO gluten dairy and soy free products including the RGN 14-day Detox collagen proteins chocolate bars and supplements Through years of detoxing personally and in her practice Risa can validate the benefits of decreasing systemic inflammation and increasing good gut health while removing toxins She sits on expert panels and speaking engagements from Nordstrom Equinox Big Canyon Country Club Jewish Community Center Williams-Sonoma Was the inaugural Chair of the Move for Minds event for Maria Shriver Risa wrote a nutrition column for Coast Magazine online called Newport Beach Nutrition and published on ThriveGlobal Recently Risa was the guest chef and presenter at Rancho La Puerta Spa ABOUT RISA S BOOK BOOK FoodFrame Diet Is A Four-Letter Word Rooted in an approach based on systems biology the FoodFrameTM method was developed by Functional Nutritionist Risa Groux to quickly determine an appropriate nutrition plan based on each individual s symptoms health concerns and physical characteristics Whether a person is following the Risa Groux Nutrition Detox or an eating lifestyle such as Paleo Keto Autoimmune Protocol Vegetarian Low Lectin or Low FODMAP FoodFrame provides guidelines food lists and Risa s own recipes In addition FoodFrame explains blood and stool testing markers so the reader can grasp what testing is right for them Real-life testimonials lend a full understanding of how weight loss is achieved as a side effect of wellness Click here to visit this podcast episode

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