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EP # 1415: Cooking With Kayla: How To Avoid Becoming A Junk Food Gluten-Free Eater

SummaryIn this episode Lisa Davis and Kayla Cappiello discuss the findings of glyphosate pesticides and gluten in gluten-free products They talk about the lack of response from companies and the need for further testing They also discuss the challenges of going gluten-free and offer advice on choosing healthier options The conversation segues into a discussion about vegan and gluten-free diets and the importance of getting protein from sources other than meat They end the episode by mentioning Kayla s recipe for a quinoa salad Keywords glyphosate pesticides gluten-free products companies testing gluten-free diet vegan diet protein quinoa saladTakeawaysGlyphosate pesticides and gluten have been found in gluten-free products but there has been a lack of response from companies It is important to cross-reference the list of tested products and choose healthier options when going gluten-free When following a vegan and gluten-free diet focus on getting protein from sources like nuts chickpeas and quinoa Quinoa salads are a versatile and healthy option for meals Sound Bites Glyphosate pesticides and gluten have been found in gluten-free products I saw that a couple different groups like this was originally published by moms across America everything they retested was found to be within normal limits Chapters00 00Introduction and Discussion of Glyphosate Pesticides and Gluten in Gluten-Free Products03 11Lack of Response from Companies04 15Choosing Healthier Options on a Gluten-Free Diet06 58Going Beyond Highly Processed Gluten-Free Products09 24Getting Protein on a Vegan and Gluten-Free Diet11 21The Versatility of Quinoa SaladsClick here to visit this podcast episode

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