EP 24 People-Pleasing To Peaceful Partnerships: A Relationship Revolution

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Send Eddie a Text MessageJoin the NEWSLETTER at Transform Your Future com where Eddie writes about Reinvention and Identity Show Notes 00 00 IntroductionEddie introduces the episode and the guest Martin Salama author of quot The Warrior apos s Life Code quot 02 26 Martin apos s BackgroundMartin shares his journey of becoming a life coach after experiencing financial and personal hardships including the 2008 financial crisis and his divorce 05 13 Discovering People-Pleasing TendenciesMartin discusses how life coaching training helped him realize his people-pleasing habits and how they affected his relationships 09 28 The Impact of COVID-19Martin talks about the impact of the pandemic and how it led to the development of quot The Warrior apos s Life Code quot 12 40 Success StoriesMartin shares success stories from his clients highlighting the positive outcomes of applying his methods 16 40 The Abundant Warrior MindsetMartin introduces the quot Abundant Warrior quot concept explaining the seven secrets to an abundant mindset Wisdom Ask Act Attitude Realization Recognize Imagination Optimism and Resilience 20 03 Establishing Healthy RelationshipsDiscussion on how understanding and aligning values is crucial in building meaningful and harmonious relationships 27 00 People-Pleasing in RelationshipsEddie and Martin delve into how people-pleasing behaviors can undermine relationships and how to overcome these tendencies 31 13 The Warrior apos s Life Code MethodMartin explains his method to build emotional strength and control actions instead of letting emotions rule including the steps of listening to your inner voice identifying your feelings questioning your feelings and taking action 42 19 Rational Lies ConceptMartin introduces the concept of quot rational lies quot explaining how we often rationalize actions that go against our values and how to overcome this self-deception 50 57 Recognizing People-Pleasing RootsMartin discusses how childhood experiences can shape people-pleasing behaviors and the importance of recognizing and addressing these patterns 54 00 New Program AnnouncementMartin announces his new program to help coaches and consultants reach seven figures within two years focusing on mindset business systems and scalability 59 18 Final ThoughtsEddie and Martin share final thoughts on the importance of self-belief avoiding imposter syndrome and rejecting toxic positivity 01 01 26 ConclusionEddie wraps up the episode and provides information on how listeners can connect with Martin and learn more about his work LINKSGet Martin apos s Book Worrier To Warrior 7 Steps to UNCOVER The Warrior Within and Live Incredibly Full EverydayConnect with MartinSubscribe to Transform Your Future Newsletter Where Eddie writes about personal development reinvent amp identity http transformyourfuture com

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