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Ep161: Exploring The Triggers Behind Silicon Valley Bank’s Banking Turbulence

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Today we ll shed light on the importance of asset liquidity the reasons why Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and its impact on the bond market and securities So if you re a depositor looking to secure your money in government-backed financial institutions this episode is perfect for you WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE The truth behind Silicon Valley Bank s collapses Advantages of having Available for Sale AFS vs Held to Maturity HTM bonds Fractional reserve banking What it is and how it works Impact of SVB s collapse on bank depositors Great benefits of having government-backed banks RESOURCE LINK MENTIONED Ep159 The Intermarket Relationship Between Bonds and Real Estate CONNECT WITH US Email shawn greenbriarcg com Instagram Shawn Winslow YouTube Shawn Winslow LinkedIn Shawn Winslow Facebook Shawn Winslow Click here to visit this podcast episode

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