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EP75: Living An Unexpected Life: Aging With HIV As A Female With Martina Clark

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Join Amanda in a stirring narrative following Martina Clark 39 s journey from being diagnosed with HIV in 1992 and defying the prognosis of being given 5 years to live to thriving three decades later Tune in as she challenges stereotypes advocates for HIV awareness and education and sparks a vital shift in societal perspectives 1 The prejudice received for being diagnosed with HIV and the decades of stigma surrounding it 2 Drawbacks of women 39 s underrepresentation in HIV clinical trials 3 What it 39 s like to age with HIV and its impact on a woman s body 4 Advice for women recently diagnosed with HIV 5 Assistance programs and cost of treatment for people with HIV Resources mentioned in this episode WomenHIV org The Daily Apple Podcast and Spotify Why One Drug Company Held Back a Better Drug My Unexpected Life by Martina Clark Kindle Audiobook and Paperback UNAIDS ADAP Directory About Martina Clark In 1992 Martina Clark was told she had HIV and maybe a good five years to live Today 31 years later Martina Clark is a professor and the award-winning author and narrator of My Unexpected Life An International Memoir of Two Pandemics HIV and COVID-19 She writes memoirs personal essays and travel narratives Before teaching she worked for the United Nations system including UNAIDS UNICEF and Peacekeeping for decades She has lived with HIV for over half her life 31 years and counting and survived COVID-19 the original recipe Martina has traveled to over 90 countries and conducted condom demonstrations in at least 50 She 39 s traveled by boat bus and plane but never by elephant or camel Connect with Martina Website Martina Clark Support the show Want to learn more about us Visit our website at www periodtopause com or send an email to amanda periodtopause com Follow us on Instagram periodtopause Follow our Facebook Page Period to Pause Click here to visit this podcast episode

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