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Episode 1 Ch 1 Damaged But Not Destroyed

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Man it has been a while I m excited to get back behind the mic and actually start talking about real things that we struggle with in our lives Come and hang out with us and feel like you did with your brothers and sisters on those Friday nights The weather is always nice and you already know how the conversation can go with all of us Crack a cold one roll a FATTY or light a bowl You remember what it was like to have your brother sister with you enjoying the companionship and the camaraderie that was shared during our time in the SMOKE PIT For the next few week we will going through a book I just picked up written by michaeltodd As veteran we struggle with a lot of trauma we have endured in our lives funny thing is it is not just us as veterans but those around us our friends family spouses significant other even our kids Through the next few weeks i am hoping that I can help you find yourself and even myself get ready to enjoy and to do some thinking TIME for a REBOOT rebooted tsv rapha180 michaeltodd rebooted tsv rapha180 usmc semperfi Click here to visit this podcast episode

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