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Episode 205 – Vitamin Deficiencies And Personalized Health Strategies You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else With Cameron Cogswell

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Unlock the secrets to optimal health I delve into the world of nutrients with Cameron Cogswell of https www myvitaminscore com so affordable science-based and use my code SANDYK to get a 25 discount Cameron is an Orthomolecular Medicine Practioner and look out for his book coming soon Get ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about vitamins deficiencies and your body apos s unique needs In our conversation we tackle the myths surrounding standard blood tests and the one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin intake exposing the shortcomings of these methods and the importance of personalized assessments Cameron apos s expertise shines as we dissect the complex relationship between nutrient deficiencies and chronic illness emphasizing the vital role of professional guidance in therapeutic supplementation from a qualified practitioner This isn apos t your general physician nor is it your personal trainer If you apos re looking to work with someone on diet supplementation and lifestyle look to a Holistic Nutritionist with a college diploma not someone who calls themself a nutritionist after a weekend retreat a Naturopathic Doctor or an Integrative Medicine Physician Have you ever wondered why your energy levels dip or why that stubborn cold just won apos t go away Join us as we reveal the significance of the oft-overlooked B vitamins and their synergistic role in our metabolic processes Our discussion ventures into the common nutrient deficiencies plaguing North America and why the cheapest vitamins off drugstore shelves could be doing more harm than good Learn why your daily multivitamin might not be enough and how to distinguish between the misleading guidelines and the advice that truly matters for your health Cameron and I also explore the concept of quot acquired vitamin dependency quot stressing the need to address basic nutritional imbalances before considering advanced health hacks Wrapping up our in-depth conversation we scrutinize the body apos s intricate method of nutrient prioritization which often results in deceptive blood test results I share personal anecdotes and professional insights into the elusive symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and the innovative methods I apos ve developed to identify nutrient shortfalls with precision Whether you apos re a health enthusiast or simply looking to fine-tune your well-being this episode promises to equip you with the knowledge to tailor your supplementation to your body apos s unique demands And with the specter of censorship casting a shadow over health discourse we encourage you to venture beyond conventional platforms and embrace a world of unrestricted health wisdom Support the showSHARE this episode with someone who may benefit amp subscribe rate amp review And follow me below Instagram https www instagram com sandyknutrition Facebook Page https www facebook com sandyknutritionTikTok https www tiktok com sandyknutritionYouTube https www youtube com channel UCIh48ov-SgbSUXsVeLL2qAgTwitter https twitter com sandyknutrition

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