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Episode 419: This Episode Might Kill You

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Jam packed show this week First off the RNC has just put out their platform for 2024 and not to be outdone the DNC has one too and it s about what you d expect The Surgeon General says gun violence is a National threat even though medical malpractice accounts for almost 400 000 deaths per year Convenient for him to forget that isn t it Speaking of death Project 2025 is going to kill you We ll tell you all you need to know before you go to the great beyond Who is the worst Governor in America We ll tell you Drugs and illegals are pouring across our border Could it be money is being made by the very people who are allowing it We ll tell you that too Ex-Presidents surprisingly spill the beans on the Deep State and it s been around longer than you think This week we have a full Mailbag and of course the New and Improved Weird News Click here to visit this podcast episode

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