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Hotel Conversions And Car Washes With Andrea Foley

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Get ready for an exhilarating episode of The Rent Roll Radio Show Join Sterling Chapman as he delves into the exciting world of real estate with the dynamic guest Andrea Foley from Generational Wealth Capital Brace yourself as Andrea takes us on a thrilling journey through her real estate investing experiences starting from her first home flip in 2005 to building a successful single-family rental portfolio and eventually selling it in 2017 But that s not all Andrea s entrepreneurial spirit led her to run a retail store while offering her expertise in real estate and business consulting Outline of the episode Achieving Financial Independence through Passive Income from Real Estate Investing Building Wealth through Real Estate Andrea s Journey and Insights Converting Hotels into Profitable Apartment Complexes Strategies and Success Stories Exploring the Lucrative World of Car Washes Franchise Opportunities and Financial Benefits Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids The Raise Millionaires Podcast And so much more About Andrea Foley Andrea Foley is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in various aspects of the business world With over 20 years of experience in the small business sector Andrea has developed a strong aptitude for strategic planning and innovation As a Commercial Real Estate Investor CEO CFO and Commercial Realtor she possesses a visionary mindset and excels in leadership and integration Having witnessed both the successes and failures of small businesses Andrea recognizes the critical importance of people and cash flow in determining their outcomes Connect with Andrea Foley on Website https www generationalwealthcapital com LinkedIn https www linkedin com in ajfoley22 Connect with your host Sterling Chapman on Website Podcast The Rent Roll Radio Show Facebook YouTube Twitter TikTok Click here to visit this podcast episode

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