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How To Quickly Launch Your Podcast – The Fastest Way

Hey, this is Bruce from the World Podcast Network and the world Podcast Network, helping your podcast. Get out there, market yourself, brand your podcast, monetize it and grow your audience. We are helping you succeed with your show. If you haven’t started your podcast yet, this video I’m going to explain to you kind of get into podcasting real fast without a lot planning and still succeed. If you liked this video, thumb up. If you have any questions or comments, leave the comments below. Definitely, I want to hear your questions, I want to hear your comments. And if you’d like this channel, subscribe to your channel. I market almost 800 podcasts now. I’ve helped podcasters get started from scratch from nothing and help their shows succeed. And I can do that with your show. In this video, I’m going to help you get the tips and tricks you need to get your podcasts out there fast. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a podcast, maybe you’re in the middle of setting up your podcast and you’re at a crossroads or blocked somehow. I’m going to help you get through it. But you want to get your podcasts out there and you want to get it out there for free. Okay, I’m going to give you the best way to start your podcast the fastest way for free. Again, some of the video. First of all, let’s talk about recording the audio for your podcast.

Do You Need An Expensive Microphone to Sound Good With Your Podcast?

This one costs about $120. This is a Samsung microphone, you don’t need it, but you do. It does sound better with a microphone like this. You can simply Podcast with your smartphone. Your smartphone has a great high res high res microphone. It comes with recording software. And that’s it. Right now. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S 10. It has a recording for audio not this particular one that you’re watching on the camera, but it has an audio podcast, I’m sorry, the audio recording software and just start podcasting right into your phone. It’s the sound quality is great. Okay, there’s nothing about like, you know, you can just have that little nasally sound. If you have a good phone, and most of the phones have good microphones now, you can actually get your podcast onto the audio of your phone using that Recorder app. Okay, almost all of them come with Samsung comes with it. Okay, the Microsoft smart phone comes with it. Okay, iPhone comes with it. They all do. You already have the microphone, you don’t need to spend $125 like this one. But it is better. If you do have a microphone like this, I will tell you, when you get the bass, you get a lot of cool little audio tricks that you won’t get with the phone. But if you don’t have the money, you don’t need to spend it.

What is the Fastest and Cheapest Way To Get Your Podcast Hosted?

Let’s talk about hosting your podcast. When you get the audio done. Hopefully you’ll have an mp3 that you’ll be able to share on your, your platform, you want to get the audio up there so people can download your podcast and listen to it. So the next thing I’m going to talk about is hosting your podcast. And there is a free tool out there that not only doesn’t cost you any money, but you make money and that is anchored on FM. Okay. is owned by Spotify, you can’t get any better than Spotify, Spotify, you can’t get your podcasts onto directly you need to go through anchor, which I actually use for my audio podcast is amazing. Because you get the do video podcasting with anchor, you get monetization tools, you get ads that go right through the anchor network. As a matter of fact, when you get started with anchor, you can immediately have an ad, okay, they give you an ad that you actually recite over your audio, and they pay you for that every time somebody listens to that. Okay. What’s cool about anchor is that they also get your podcast on to Apple, Spotify, because they’re owned by Spotify, right Stitcher, some other places like Google Play all at once.

What Is Your RSS Feed and Why Is It So Important for Marketing Your Podcast?

Let’s speak about the RSS feed. A lot of people don’t know what the RSS feed is. I have another video on that you can look down below for the link. But RSS feeds are amazing marketing tools for podcasts. You get that for free. You don’t have to spend any money to use the RSS feed. It gets your podcasts out there. It put it on Apple, a podcast on Stitcher. Everybody has an RSS feed and it’s free. Okay, that’s a really big tool. So watch my video on RSS feeds. It’s real The cool thing we talk about television, and how syndication, television syndication and reruns actually relate to your podcast content getting out there. Okay? And honestly, that is it, that’s the fastest way to start your podcast.

Is it Important To Transcribe Your Podcast Into Plain Text?

There’s not a lot of work here. If you want to do a little more work to get your podcast out there, you can use a transcription tool, like otter And I have the link down in the in the description here, too. You want to get good search engine rankings for your podcasts you want SEO, it’s not just for websites, right? If you own a website, and you want to get good Google rankings, you pretty much already know about SEO, search engine optimization. Well, you need that free to podcast to okay, you can actually take the audio, transcribe it just to mp3 and upload the otter it works right through your smartphone. Otter has an amazing mobile app. And you put that into the show notes of anchor. You can also for very little money use Buzzsprout as well. Right but that is another hosting company like anchor, but totally free. You pay any money. You use Okay, you get the RSS feed and anchor FM distributes your podcast for you is just amazing. Now, I am going to ask you that if you have any comments or questions, leave them below I will answer them I answer all the questions at least once a day. If you have any comments, you disagree with me about anything, leave them below again some this video hit the like button and subscribe to this channel. My name is Bruce Cham off. You can sign your podcasts up for free and World podcast And I look forward to helping you grow your podcast.  

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