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How We Promote Your Podcast On The Podcast Network

If you are a podcaster on the podcast network, you may be wondering how our podcast network promotes your show. We are always coming up with brand new ways to promote your podcast. The degree to how we market and promote your podcast depends on several factors including, but not limited to your podcast level which could be professional, standard or free level. We are always releasing brand new pages and marketing strategies specifically with your podcast in mind.

This article was updated Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Let’s start and list how each one works. For more information on each of these promotion features, you can click on the links at the end of the sections for these specific services (if available).

The New LIKES System: Get People To Like and Follow Your Podcast and Its New Episodes

Now, people can follow your podcast through the LIKEs system. Every podcast page on all levels will have a heart icon located under the podcast episode on each podcast profile page. When people are logged into the My Podcast Portal, they will be able to see your episodes filtered through the like system if they clicked the Heart icon. This is a great way for people who are into your podcast’s genre or category to follow your podcast and all of the podcast categories they appreciate. More is explained about this marketing strategy on our Likes article.

Recommended Episodes

We promote your podcast through our recommended episodes section. Previously named Staff Picks, our staff members are always listening to episodes that come out every single day as well as episodes within the last 3 weeks. It is our responsibility as a podcast network to listen to episodes as well and not just our daily visitors. I personally listen to anywhere from three to five podcast episodes every single day. Of course, time permitting, and obviously, each staff member listens to the podcast episodes that resonate mostly with that person. Since everyone has different interests, we have a diversified variety among out staff. We then work as a team to recommend up to 5 episodes per day. That helps us find a nice combination of recommended episodes and a good variety for us to suggest them. Also, we don’t want to create episode spam, so we only recommend as a team no more than five episodes every single day.

When you get recommended from one of your episodes, we will always send you an email notification so you will know exactly when your episode is recommended. We try to communicate with you about what podcast episodes of yours are recommended by us. This is something that we’re totally proud of, because it allows us to be a team along with the podcasters who are on our podcast network. We found that the recommended episodes section is a very highly visited section on our podcast network, because people seem to love anything that’s recommended. When you put the word “recommended” in front of anything, it becomes more popular. How do you get YOUR podcast episodes recommended by us?. Just keep on putting out as many episodes on a consistent basis as you possibly can. We do not recommend episodes that are more than three weeks old (as of this writing), so if your episode is less than three weeks old, then there is a possibility that it will be recommended and get you more exposure. However, if you have not come out with a brand new episode in over a month, you will not be recommended and this is also consistent with how Google indexes webpages or content on them. They do not recommend or index any web pages that are older than a certain date. Our recommendations are all organic. There’s no algorithm here. We want real people on our staff recommending episodes for you. You can see the recommend episodes in action. The following article explains more about the recommended episodes feature works. Meet our staff behind the recommended episodes.

Our daily leaderboard

The daily leaderboard is a list of podcasts who have gotten the most votes for their episodes within 24 hours. This is another highly visited section of our podcast network and we introduced it in the beginning of 2022 . We found that it is a very popular section as leaderboards usually are on any website. We do have more information about how the leaderboard works, but in this article we are informing you how we promote your podcast on their network, so the leaderboard works by a voting system. We want you to get as many votes as possible on your episodes, because the higher up you rise in the leaderboard, the more exposure your show will receive and the better your chances of getting new potential audience members. I had this idea to release a leaderboard last year and it was successful within a month. The leaderboard allows those podcasters who send more traffic to our podcast network to get more exposure. It’s a great way to get more audience members for you and probably audience members that you wouldn’t expect to get through social media for YouTube videos, or other promotional methods. Also, at this moment, no other podcast network has a leaderboard (at least that we could find).

How do you rise in the leaderboard? You must have at least three votes each day to show up. Then once you have at least three episodes come up. The rankings of the leaderboard will increase by the most votes as compared to other podcasts. It is a straight system that compares all podcasts’ votes on a day to day system and orders them by the by the number of votes. We also filter out bots and count votes organically as best as possible. If we find any bots, we remove the votes.

For example, if your podcast episode received five votes in the any given 24 hour period and the other podcast got 12 votes, the podcast with the 12 votes will show up higher on the leaderboard . You can learn more about the leaderboard and how it works with the voting system by going to this blog post on how the votes work.

It is very easy to rise in the daily leaderboard rankings, because they are reset every single day. See if your podcast is in the rankings on the daily leaderboard.

All-Time Leaderboard

The all-time leaderboard is another leaderboard on our system that shows podcasts of well, all time. The podcasts on this list have gotten the most votes since the first date of voting. New podcasts on the network will obviously have a harder time to rise, so we are now creating a new charts section that will rank podcasts by downloads, listens, votes, views, and more.However, we have seen newer podcasts rise in the all-time leaderboard ranks faster since they receive more votes. Podcasts who appear on the all-time leaderboard do receive more downloads, plays and listens as well as more views to their podcast profile page.

How do you rise in either the daily or all-time leaderboards?

We recommend the following:

  1. Mentioning your World Podcast Network page on your episodes
  2. Telling people to vote up your episode
  3. Adding a paid World Podcast Network audio commercial to your episodes (currently paying podcasters $5 per approved episode)
  4. Adding a link to your dedicated podcast profile on the World Podcast Network to your show notes and podcast web page

Sponsored podcasts

The sponsored podcast section is a way to keep your podcast on our most visited web page, our homepage. Your podcast will always be on the homepage and have more exposure. From everyone who visits the homepage, we get 1,000s of visits a day and we wanted a way to offer podcasters a method for staying on the homepage, because when you’re a new podcast, you show up only if you’re the 12 newest podcasts. Everybody then jumps down one slot, but a lot of podcasters are not happy with that.

After the latest 12, your podcast will always be listed on our podcast directory. They wanted the way to stay on the homepage longer than the 12 podcasts that are under newest podcast, so the sponsored podcast section was a great solution for this. Yes, this one is not a free service like the leaderboard or the recommended episodes, but it’s very affordable and sponsored podcasters who utilize this service have reported an increase in downloads and views to their pages.  We offer one-month, three-month , and six-month plans. Additionally, we are also thinking of introducing a yearly plan in summer 2024.

The new My Podcast Portal

We now allow podcasters to log in and manage their podcast information. The new portal allows podcasters to manage everything from their:

  • podcast information
  • account information
  • RSS feed
  • hosting platform
  • streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc)

View Analytics including:

  • total downloads
  • page views
  • votes
  • episode listings

Podcast Marketing and Branding strategies including:

  • podcast news
  • all-time leaderboard standings
  • special links including podcaster resources, blog, guest exchange

Also in this portal are three monetization features including Host-Read ads, podcast commercials, and podsafe music directory.

We have other ways of promoting your podcast as well.

The World Podcast Network wants get your show more exposure, because that helps us succeed in promoting you and your podcast. Other ways that are not as large as the services are the podcasts or introduction rounds on during our online podcasting conferences. PodKnow events. We started with the PodKnow conferences on June 26, 2021 and we are planning on having it at least once per year.  PodKnow is an online conference where podcasters speak and help you make your podcast successful.

The Podcast For Podcasters

You can also learn about successful podcasting with the podcast Become a Successful Podcaster. This podcast is on Apple and Spotify. I just want to help you succeed. I provide advice on audience growth, monetization, marketing, branding, and anything else that makes your podcast successful. We are now in Season 2 as of this writing.

In Conclusion

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. We’re always looking for new ways to promote your podcast. Don’t forget to check out our podcaster resources section. You can learn how our analytics work as we take data on everything from downloads to listens.

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