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I’m The School’s Loser, When The 2 Hottest Foreign Exchange Students Crush 😍 On Me, My Life Changed 😇

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It was a Tuesday And already I was in a game of hide and seek for my life The mop cupboard was dark dank and littered with cobwebs But even as a spider began crawling over my forehead and into my hair I had to keep my mouth shut Thinking of engaging with Q A Click this link https www spreaker com show my-animated-story if you re new here welcome to My Animated Story where you get the best animated story and also be sharing my secret and Please don t forget to share review and rate this podcast For Business Inquiries myanimatedstoryofficial gmail com Kindly please follow subscribe to our other podcast My Daily Story by clicking this link https mydailystoryofficial podbean com This animated podcast story is a female story teller Also follow subscribe to this podcast to get notified when a new episode is up also share rate and review this podcast have a nice day nightClick here to visit this podcast episode

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