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Mastering The Google Business Profile (with Marilyn Jenkins)

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Have you ever wondered how a simple tweak in your online presence could dramatically enhance visibility and attract more customers Well you re about to discover why mastering your Google Business Profile GBP is not just an option but a necessity for local businesses striving to thrive in today s digital marketplace In the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing Google Business Profile has emerged as a powerhouse tool pivotal in connecting businesses with local customers Its influence in local search results is so profound that neglecting it could mean missing out on significant engagement and potential revenue Setting up a GBP doesn t just put you on the map it effectively elevates your business profile to meet your customers right where they look – on their immediate digital path I had the pleasure of chatting with Marilyn Jenkins a digital marketing expert with 16 years of experience helps businesses grow through paid advertising social media management and SEO especially Google Business Profile optimization Her clients have achieved significant growth some exceeding 2 million in sales and experiencing 14x ROI Her book The Google Business Profile Training Guide teaches businesses to dominate local search If you re not familiar with Google Business Profile or needing a thorough refresher Marilyn offers an exceptionally valued package at just 27 which includes a checklist and AI-generated content prompts that simplify the entire content creation process Trust me this is a bargain for the value-packed insights and tools you get which can revolutionize how your business attracts new clientele My conversation with Marilyn serves as a critical reminder of the transformative power of well-curated and managed digital tools in growing and sustaining a business The insights she shares underscore the customized approach needed to manage GBP especially for global and multi-location businesses highlighting once again why one-size-fits-all solutions just don t cut it in truly effective digital marketing strategies Links Mentioned maximizeyourgbp com Click here to visit this podcast episode

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