Meditative Bliss is Perfect Podsafe Music For Health, Lifestyle, & Spiritual Podcasts

I want to tell you about the podsafe music of Meditative Bliss. Meditative Bliss is the podsafe music by Kevin Pierson, who only got into the music scene literally three months ago with his incredible YouTube videos and relaxing piano and orchestra music. We added his music on the World Podcast Network this week and the music is getting a great amount of downloads in the first week. We have three songs ready for your podcastand you can put them on and download them right on the Meditative Bliss podsafe music page. Meditative Bliss right now includes three incredible songs and it is impressive that the project already has received over 1,000 YouTube subscribers which is very hard to do in the first year on YouTube, but Kevin is very talented piano player period, the Meditative Bliss music features relaxing music.

That sounds very close to New Age classics.

If you are into new age and you want to play this on your podcast, I definitely recommend Meditative Bliss.  You can also watch the YouTube videos of Meditative Bliss that average around two hours and the videos are a perfect fit for anybody who is having problems with insomnia and needs a good audio to help them enter deep sleep.

For Positive Thinking

Meditative Bliss also is all about positive thinking and helping people who have may be going through depression and need a positive uplift and I definitely recommend the video called 432hz Positive Thinking Raise Positive.

Morning Relaxing

Also, Meditative Bliss also offers music and videos that help you relax. If you want to relax in the morning, Meditative Bliss has a very cool video called Morning Relaxing Music Positive Energy. Besides piano, Kevin also plays guitar on the video 2 Hour Beautiful Ambient Music Piano, Guitar, Strings Stress Relief.☯015

Meditative Bliss on your podcast

However, you’re looking for music for your podcast and we have three songs that are perfect from the project.


Dreaming is, well dreamy! If your podcast is  one that addresses sleep issues (and we do have podcasts that deal with sleep issues),  this is appropriate is perfect for people who need help sleeping,


However, Meditative Bliss also has a podcast for those podcasts who publish every morning. In the morning, you can play Sunrise. It is also another great song if your podcast is published in the afternoon or even during sunset. I suggest Sunrise for health podcasts about relaxing.


If you are a Seinfeld fan, you may remember when Frank Costanza yelled out Serenity Now. If Meditative Bliss was around in 1998 when the episode aired, Frank’s podcast would definitely have played Serenity for his audience. This excellent song called Serenity  has a New Age flavor for any health podcast.

Podcast Intro Outro, and Background Music

We see Meditative Bliss perfect for podcasts that are based on health, spiritual and lifestyle. The music genres also classify as R&B and Jazz as well.

Learning More About Meditative Bliss and Downloading Their Music For Your Podcast

You can get Meditative Bliss on including:





Get them on Spotify

Visit and listen to their music. On Spotify, the music is 20 minutes on average. You can download the mp3 right off the World Podcast Network Meditative Bliss artist profile at However, if you want to use that music any way you need to in order to fit your episode, then use whatever time you need, so definitely give a shout out to Meditative Bliss. If you want to give even more credit, you can give credit directly to Kevin Pierson. I am playing him on my shows as well and I really suggest you do.

Let us know when you play them on YOUR show.

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