Part 2 – From Despair To Healing: Ruth’s Battle With Mental Illness And Her Path To Wellness

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Trigger Warning Please be advised that this episode discusses sensitive topics including hallucinations exploitation helplessness anxiety depression and paranoia If you find these topics triggering please exercise caution while listening For immediate support please call 988 Episode Summary In this compelling continuation of Ruth s story we delve deeper into her personal struggles and triumphs Ruth an artist and author shares her heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey through severe mental health challenges This episode explores the transformative power of resilience creativity and the search for effective therapy Join us as we uncover the depths of Ruth s experience from harrowing lows to moments of profound insight and artistic discovery More About Ruth – Background as an artist and author transitioning from a career in architecture to a profound journey in art – A life-altering event involving a PCP-laced brownie setting the stage for years of mental health challenges – Ruth s continuous battle with paranoia anxiety depression and multiple mental breakdowns – Her experiences navigating the complexities of the healthcare system in search of effective therapy – The evolution of Ruth s coping strategies and her path towards healing and understanding – Ruth s memoir Journey of the Self-Memoir of an Artist published in 2020 offers a window into her experiences and reflections Get the book here – Discover more about Ruth and her work at her website https www ruthponiarski com More About our Podcast Subscribe for exciting content giveaways and updates https sh-t-that-goes-on-in-our-heads ck page f844f11eea – Official Website https www goesoninourheads net – Merchandise https www customizedgirl com s Sh1tthatgoesoninourheads – Support Donate Here https donate stripe com 8wM4hy4js24y9b26oo – Advertise https www passionfroot me goesoninourheads – Edited by NJz Audio Closing Remarks Ruth s story is a powerful reminder of the human spirit s capacity to overcome adversity Her journey from darkness into the light of artistic expression and self-realization offers hope and inspiration to all who face similar challenges Call to Action We encourage our listeners to subscribe rate and review our podcast Your engagement helps us bring more stories like Ruth s to the forefront spreading awareness and understanding about mental health MentalHealthJourney ArtHeals ResilienceStories RuthsStory OvercomingAnxiety DepressionAwareness HealingThroughArt MentalHealthRecovery ParanoiaSupport MemoirOfAnArtist MentalHealthStruggles TherapySuccess CreativeCoping RuthPoniarski JourneyOfTheSelf S05E11 – Part 2 – From Despair to Healing Ruth s Battle with Mental Illness and Her Path to Wellness Click here to visit this podcast episode

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