What is best way for business owners to make market their business on podcasts?

Hello business owners and entrepreneurs!

We present a new way to brand and market your business.  Podcast commercials!

With podcast commercials, we create you a 30 to 60second audio commercial. We then place your commercial for podcasters to preview it. Your commercial can contain voiceover and background music. We work with you to create the perfect script.

Check out the available commercials here.

How Does Podcast Commercial Marketing Work And How Do You Market Your Business With It?

  1. Podcasters will fill out the form on your commercial page if interested to play your commercial on their podcast.
  2. Our Commercial Review Team will receive the applications and review the podcasts to make sure their content matches yours and possibly demographics as well as audience size. We are running a tight ship when reviewing applications to make sure that your ad gets played to the right audiences.
  3. If the podcast gets accepted to play the commercial, we will provide them your commercial as a sound file and they will be required to insert it as is into the first 5 minutes of their show.
  4. If any of our terms are broken, the podcaster will be disqualified and your commercial will increase in inventory for other podcasters to apply.
  5. If the podcaster is accepted, we will notify you so you can also monitor your commercial on that podcast.
  6. Once all inventory of your commercial has been depleted (meaning your available inventory has been played by accepted podcasters), your ad will disappear from the commercial directory and you will be able to renew with us if you have found success with this method.
That’s it! We are very excited to have this opportunity to promote your business to our podcast community. To Sign Up For Podcast Commercial Advertising Send us a message on our Contact page.