Podcast Network Portal – Managing Your Podcast

In this article, we explain the My Podcast portal to manage your podcast on the World and World Podcast Network. We know that you have changes to your podcast and your show is constantly evolving. Whether your podcast helps you manage your business, market your business and brand your business, it changes like your business does. You may also just want to have a podcast to entertain people in your own way. Either way, when you are on our podcast network and you want to make changes to your podcast, our portal has you covered and all you need to do is login and make changes.

In this article, we’re going to explain some of the most popular and mostly-used features of the portal. We are going to start off with the dashboard.

Watch the tutorial video – It will be updated in late January.

Log in to the Dashboard

You need your email address. It may be the same email address as your RSS feed. If your RSS feed does not contain your email address, send us an email on the contact form and one of our Podcaster Relations Team members will set you up for the portal.

Anatomy of the The Dashboard

The dashboard is a place that lets you see all types of information on your podcast. That includes some of your quick stats, like downloads, page views votes and likes. We do know that you get certain downloads, and page views from your podcast. We collect data on all of that information, especially when you get votes. The votes help with the leaderboard and help your podcast move up and down the rankings allowing you to create an opportunity to find more audience members to our podcast network. The dashboard will also show you notifications and what’s been going on on our podcast network. If you want to know certain news that’s happening with us, the notifications section is a great way for us to communicate to you what’s going on without constantly bombarding your email inbox with spam. However, we do send emails every once in a while we also want you to see your most voted episodes immediately. The dashboard has a section for most voted episodes and you’ll find number of votes we show them five most popular episodes. We also want to give you videos there’s a video session on the podcast dashboard. And every time you log into the dashboard, the video changes it’s usually videos that come from Bruce Chamoff , the CEO and founder of our podcast network.

Account Info

The next section is the Account Info. This is a very simple section that allows you to change your name and your password.

Podcast Info

The Podcast Info section is the core information of your podcast and the information that is used by our podcast network to market your show. It includes your:
  • podcast name
  • RSS feed
  • a description of your podcast

You can change this information anytime you want by entering this section. Your monetization link and your subscription link are also available. The monetization and subscriber link allow you to make money and specify a place where people can subscribe. This is only available to the Professional Level podcast. Free podcast level cannot change this information.

Your Podcast Episodes

As we import your episodes into the system on a daily basis, we can match your podcast episodes and we show this to you on the portal as well with statistics. We also show you the number of plays that your podcast was getting, the number of votes and whether it was recommended by our staff.

Highlighted Episodes

If you are a Professional-level podcast, you will be able to change your highlighted episode. This is useful in case you have an episode that you want to push on our network, but not necessarily your latest episode. A lot of podcasters were requesting this particular feature. We received a lot of requests to change the highlighted episode, so we added this to the portal for you.

Streaming Platforms

The streaming platforms is very simple including your podcast on Spotify Apple, Google, YouTube, IHeartRadio, Stitcher and SoundCloud. We will be adding more platforms in the future like Amazon Podcasts and Netflix Podcasts.

Advanced Analytics

We provide analytics since we collect data. We will provide you analytics on everything from downloads to views, your place your five best performing episodes, external clicks to your podcast hosting platform total downloads by date and the top city. the best exposure by city. When you click on this section, you will be provided you a special key. Click on the button that says View Your Analytics. A green button as of this writing is available to click. Clicking the button will take you to your analytics page. This is only available to Professional level podcasts.

Promoting your podcast, we have various features as well on the portal

The new LIKES system. If you have like a podcast, we show your likes here. We allow you to filter podcasts that you LIKE. On the portal, we can actually filter out any episodes that are only from the podcasts that you like using this feature. For more information, you can read up on our new LIKES system.

Submit Podcast News

You can submit news about your podcast for free. This is available to all podcast levels. We also offer paid upgrades to get more exposure, but submitting news with a basic format will always be free. You can also manage your news as well including deleting them. Editing is not available at this moment.

Podcasts Access Videos

We want to help you succeed with your podcast, so we provide you videos to help your podcast succeed. That is on our YouTube channel. You can visit our YouTube channel directly or access them directly from the portal.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a special place that we can actually link to your podcast and help you get more audience members.

Enhancing Your Podcast With Paid Services

We also have services paid services to enhance your podcast and you can get those directly from the dashboard. We offer
  1. podcast editing
  2. audio transcription services
  3. podcast mixing and mastering services
  4. original theme music for your podcast
  5. Intro outro creation
  6. Episode cover artwork
  7. Podcast Mascot Design
  8. and more
You can see all of the services on our Podcaster Resources page at https://worldpodcast.network/resources-for-our-podcasters/

Monetize your podcast.

We have ways to help you monetize your podcast with your

Accessing the Portal

You can log into the portal at https://worldpodcast.network/my-podcast/dashboard/ – If you need your login information, your username is the email address that you have registered with when you signed up. Your password can be reset using the Forgot Password link. When resetting your password, an email will be sent to the email address you have as your username. You can also reach out to us on our contact form as well.  

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