Intros and outros for podcasters who want a professional image. A podcast intro — also known as a podcast introduction, open, or opening — tells listeners the name of your show, what it’s about, the name of the host(s), and sets the tone for your podcast. A podcast outro — sometimes referred to as a close or closing — is your last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about you or your company, tell them where they can download previous shows, and invite them back for your next show. A podcast bumper is a 15-second podcast transition to introduce a special feature or to smoothly transition into and out of commercial breaks (example: “You’re listening to The Bike Show on Blog Talk Radio. We’ll be right back after this break!”).

What is Included:

  • Voiceover
  • Background Music
  • Special Effects
  • EQ
  • Mixdown

Scripts For Your Intro or Outro

We have two options: You can send us the script or we can write one for you at $50 per 30 seconds. If you send us your script, please make sure it fits the time length you order below. In other words, if you order the 30-second intro, please make sure your script takes no longer than 30 seconds to read.


  • 30-second intro: $60
  • 60-second intro: $90
  • 30-second intro PLUS outro: $100
  • 30-second intro PLUS outro: $135

Order Your Intro, Outro or Both:

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