#RetroRadio “MURDER AT MIDNIGHT (1947): THE DEAD HAND” #WeirdDarkness

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RetroRadio MURDER AT MIDNIGHT 1947 THE DEAD HAND WeirdDarknessPlease SHARE this episode with someone who loves old time radio shows like you do And get FREE full-length pulp audiobooks pulp eBooks and old-time radio shows by emailing WeirdDarkness RadioArchives com IN THIS EPISODE A concert pianist loses his left hand in a horrible accident He later meets a pickpocket with very nimble hands and realizes that if the pickpocket were to die he wouldn t need those nimble hands any longer SOURCES AND ESSENTIAL WEB LINKS The stories in this episode were provided by http RadioArchives com Weird Darkness Retro Radio theme by Storyblocks I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness John 12 46Find out how to escape eternal darkness at https weirddarkness com eternaldarkness WeirdDarkness – is a production and trademark of Marlar House Productions Copyright Weird Darkness 2023 Click here to visit this podcast episode

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