The (all) Unknowing’s Podcast Latest Episode Speaks Freedom of Speech

The highlighted episode from the (all) Unknowing podcast is titled Freedom of Speech. Daniel and Peter address people’s right to freedom of speech and how people should not be afraid to use that right. They discuss five reasons of its importance, The episode also includes freedom of speech in government, civil rights, social change, it’s limitations and how they are debated and their repercussions. Listen to almost 60 minutes of their viewpoint on this controversial topic.

Directly from the Apple Podcasts page, Daniel and Peter discuss the following:

  • Why freedom of speech is one of the top 3 problems that society faces right now.
  • What happens when people lose sight of what true free speech enables.
  • How the great civilizations of the world have cut themselves off by adopting an antagonist attitude towards freedom of speech.
  • Why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a real and fundamental example of how to effectively stand for social change and engineer a revolution through the power of speech.
  • How “cancel culture” and the private entities funding it have eroded First Amendment rights.
  • Why the concept of a “utopian” society is an unrealistic ideology and a danger to freedom of speech.
  • How corporate speech policies impact citizens’ ability to earn a living.
  • Why freedom of speech is essential to a functioning democratic process.
  • How Freedom of Speech allows the exchange of ideas and the free flow of information academically, culturally, and among businesses.
  • Effective methods for resolving conflicts related to unpopular views and opinions amongst university staff, students, and the public.

One of the most interesting segments listening to this podcast episode was the discussion the Human Resources discussion about how someone can be fired for exercising freedom of speech, but the concept that it takes only one offensive statement to make HR fire the offender.

Another great discussion is freedom of speech around your family and peer group and how group dynamics play into freedom of speech without a group. They also discuss freedom of speech with diverse topics in emotional states, anxiety among generations, group dynamics, family, corporate culture

What are your views? Listen to the podcast and form your opinion.

Click here to listen to the episode.


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