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The Art & Science Of Sales Conversations

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Is selling an art or a science Or perhaps both Regardless of that answer no business owner or entrepreneur can survive without it Our guest in this episode is Jake Stahl a pioneer in conversational dynamics and a Fractional Chief Learning Officer Jake combines value-based selling with the latest in psychological techniques and neuro linguistic programming He s revolutionizing sales through his Adaptive Conversational Blueprint Tune in and learn his unique selling strategies including how his 2 10 rule challenges traditional perspectives on conversation Episode Highlights 00 00 Unlocking the Power of Conversational Dynamics in Sales 00 57 The Evolution of Conversational Techniques and Their Importance 02 01 The Art and Science of Sales A Deep Dive with Jake Stahl 07 32 The 210 Rule Revolutionizing Conversations and Connections 08 30 Emails vs Conversations What s More Effective 16 58 Who Benefits Most from Jake Stahl s Expertise 18 43 Balancing the Art and Science of Sales 28 51 How to Connect with Jake Stahl Click here to visit this podcast episode

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