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The Becoming Of Love With Motivational Speaker, Actor & Musician Brian Isom

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In today s episode I talk to Brian Isom Brian is a Motivational Speaker Actor Musician and Life Coach He served as a military veteran in the U S Army for seventeen years and Brian s journey to enlightenment was catalysed by a near-death experience during the Iraq War This pivotal moment redirected his path towards a higher calling leading to the establishment of Brian Isom Consulting where he helps others find their pathways towards healing self-love and forgiveness Brian is an Emmy Award-Winning Producer and cinematographer renowned for his unscripted contributions to esteemed court shows such as We the People with Gloria Allred and Relative Justice In this episode we talk about the intricacies of life where Brian shares his life story which saw him go through incredible feats of bravery and suffering to rising from the ashes of sorrow and finding his reason for being alive We cover the strengths and weaknesses of what it is to be human and above all how the basic human need of needing and then finding love of one s self eventually becomes the very connection that saves us For more information on Brian Isom visit https www brianisomconsulting com For more information on Mimi Novic visit https www miminovic co uk Click here to visit this podcast episode

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