Guest to Podcast Matchmaker Podcast Blog Post On the New York City Podcast Network

The New Podcast-Guest Matchmaking System.

We’d like to introduce the brand new guest matchmaker engine on the World Podcast Network. This is a revolutionary way to match podcasts and guests for business professionals who want to be a guest on podcast shows. The new algorithm will match guests and podcasts by a percentage system and allow guests to send automatic emails to podcasters in which they are interested in.

Accessing The Guest’s Matches

To start, log in at Your login information can be obtained from the staff of the podcast network by sending us a message through our contact form. As soon as a guest logs in, the first feature will be the total number of requests that have been sent to podcasters and the dates. The number of requests will also display for each date. This way, guests who were on a limited monthly schedule will be able to track exactly how many requests they sent out on a specific day or month. Enhancements to reporting will be release each month.

The next section will list the genres for the podcast guest as they appear on their profile from the podcast network’s guest exchange. The algorithm will attempt to match podcasts and guests by the guest bio and the podcast’s description. It will look for common keywords that match between the two. The system will also display the relevant keywords from the guest’s bio.

Viewing the Podcast Results

The main section is the results for the podcast. The guest will be able to peruse various features of the podcast including:

  • categories
  • description
  • category match percentage

Clicking the title of the podcast will allow the guest to see more characteristics of the podcast including but not limited to:

  • downloads
  • views
  • streaming platform links such as Spotify or Apple
  • a QR code for scanning (for Professional-level podcasts)
  • all episodes

Sending the Request to the Podcaster

If a guest is interested in a specific podcast, the purple button can be clicked to send the automated request to the podcaster. Once the podcaster receives that message, it will be up to the podcaster to contact the guest through their social media. For purposes of spam protection, the podcast network will not display email addresses. Once the podcaster and guest connect on social media, they are then free to exchange email addresses.

The automated email will send the podcaster the link to the profile of the guests so podcasters can inspect the guest profile and decide if they want to accept the request to have them on a show period. What’s really cool about this system is that it matches the categories and shows a percentage based on how many of the podcast categories match the genre of the guests. The category match percentage (CMP) is presented to the guest in green.

Filtering Results

There are also two special filters (at the time of this writing) that allow the guest to filter podcasts by specific criteria:

  1. Show only 100% Category Matches As the results show the category match percentage (CMP) of each podcaster to the guest, some guests may only want to see podcasts that match their profile 100%. Please keep in mind that using this filter may result in no podcasts being shown at all. If this happens, simply uncheck the 100% filter checkbox. This checkbox can be toggled on and off to show all podcasts regardless of match percentage (all podcasts that have some match to the guest).
  2. Hide Podcasts Already Requested Guests can send each podcaster only one request. Viewing these guests can waste valuable time and screen real estate for the guest, so this filter will show only podcasts that have not received a request from the guest. This keeps the amount of spam down since spambots are a big problem today and they disrupt the normal flow of business. Spambots are everywhere. We do not want our podcast network to be caught in a spam filter.

Total Matches

The very bottom of the results includes total matches. This is exactly how the guest matchmaking system works.

Only the Beginning

We will have multiple enhancements coming as this new tool evolves. We hope that all guests will take advantage of this. This is a revolutionary way for our podcast network to match podcasts and guess that are relevant for each other. If you have any questions, you can send us an email through our contact page.

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