The Untold Stories Of Veterans’ Dental Health: A Call To Action

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In this episode of the because bikers matter Podcast with founder amp Host David quot Vegas quot Shuman interviews Patricia DeVore the president and founder and Maureen Robertson the executive director of Veterans Smile Program The guests discuss their backgrounds growing up in Illinois and their involvement in the motorcycle community They delve into the creation and mission of the Veterans Smile Program which provides critical dental care to veterans in need The program formerly known as Smiles for Veterans has helped close to 300 veterans nationally with an average cost per veteran of 2 500 or more The conversation highlights the challenges veterans face in accessing dental care through the VA and the lack of support from the government Patricia and Maureen share heart-wrenching stories of veterans who have suffered due to the lack of dental care including cases of staph infections and even cancer They emphasize the importance of passing legislation such as HR 2413 to provide free dental care to all veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system The guests discuss their fundraising efforts reliance on donations and grants and the need for more support from the community and government They stress the impact of dental care on veterans apos overall health and well-being including mental health and quality of life The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to visit the Veterans Smile Program website to donate or learn more about how they can support veterans in need of dental care Support for because bikers matter Podcast is brought to you by Motorcycle Safety Lawyers Helping the motorcycle community Injured Bikers for over 35 years visit https www motorcyclesafetylawyers comor call 888-500-9000Click here to visit this podcast episode

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