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About This Podcast: The Life School MasterClass SHOW is the place where people align their inner purposeful success personally & professionally. Elona Lopari is known as the BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar + breakthroughs in their business. As a former Fortune 500 Executive who built and led record-breaking teams in over 20 locations around the US, Elona’s programs and consulting encompass billion dollar corporate strategies combined with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today. She helps purpose driven entrepreneurs and corporations with their branding, marketing, sales, systems and teams so that they can build a legacy life and business on purpose while making a great income and impact. She is the founder of The Life School where people align their inner purposeful success personally & professionally and a bestselling author of numerous books. Elona also speaks in global stages where she passionately shares her message with the masses. She is also a servient community leader and has built several impact driven communities in her business. You can also check out her other books “Connecting the Dots Backwards”, “Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship” and Journal “Connecting the Vision Backwards” available on Amazon. Elona can be reached by email at or through social media, Elona Lopari. Her website is Her Community on Facebook:



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This is the one thing that millioneres teach their kids

Posted on 19th Jul 2024 03:25:06

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July Visionary Leaders Roundtable Event

Posted on 18th Jul 2024 02:20:12

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How to land paid speaking opportunities?

Posted on 18th Jul 2024 04:33:43

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Top 5 Entreprenurial Success Tips with Eric McHugh

Posted on 17th Jul 2024 04:59:59

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The most streamlined process to scale your business

Posted on 16th Jul 2024 09:37:00

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How to become the go to thought leader in your space with Nicky Billou

Posted on 13th Jul 2024 05:03:14

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Here is what I wish I knew at 22 years old! Follow for more 👇

Posted on 12th Jul 2024 02:02:47

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How to optimize your SEO with Brandon Leibowitz

Posted on 12th Jul 2024 06:35:18

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The One Secret to building Wealth

Posted on 10th Jul 2024 06:20:51

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July 9, 2024

Posted on 9th Jul 2024 11:37:58

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The Life School MasterClass Show

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