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What are the fastest and easiest ways to make money podcasting for Summer 2022?

What are the fastest and easiest ways to make money podcasting for Summer 2022?

By now, in 2022, it’s pretty clear that podcasts are in, and traditional forms of entertainment like TV, radio, and streaming services are on their way out. According to Listen Notes, there are over 2.8 million podcasts worldwide, meaning there’s never been a better time to create and successfully monetize your podcast, but how do you turn your side-hustle into a full-on income earner? 

What are the fastest and easiest ways to make money podcasting for Summer 2022?

Read on to find out the top 10 ways to successfully monetize your podcast for summer 2022.  

1. Target the Right Audience 

To begin, you need to identify your ideal audience so that you can create content that provides true value and resonates with them deeply. Knowing your target audience will help you create your episodes more easily since you know exactly what they’re expecting and want to hear. Another way to not only attract the right listeners but simultaneously monetize your podcast is by including Podsafe music in your content. At The World Podcast Network, we’ve streamlined this process by compiling an extensive inventory of Podsafe music for you to use! For more information on this service, click here.  

2. Utilize Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate programs are becoming an increasingly popular way to monetize your podcast, because they are a win-win scenario for both product makers and promoters. Basically, affiliate programs work by giving you a unique affiliate code that is linked with specific offers for your listeners that you can place at the end of your podcast episodes (or any other applicable places). Then, when one of your listeners makes a purchase through your unique link, you get paid by that company. Simple as that! However, one of our pro-tips is to utilize affiliate programs relevant to your listeners to garner more sales and boost your podcast monetization.

3. Private Memberships with Exclusive Episodes 

Another common strategy to monetize your podcast is providing a private membership option for your listeners where they gain access to exclusive episodes and content. For example, Patreon is a platform that allows for such subscription services and is known to be an excellent way for creators and artists to create a stable income from their work. 

4. Commercial Advertising 

Whether it’s the classic Kool-Aid man or the annoying radio jingles, we’re all familiar with commercials and how they work. So, why not try out some Plus, we’ve made this even easier for you at the World Podcast Network by offering a Podcast Commercial Exchange service. Essentially, you choose which commercials you’d like featured on your podcast, and once your request is accepted, you add it to your episode and get paid! In this way, we’ve completely taken the guesswork out of commercial advertising for you and your podcast. To learn more, click here.  

5. Host a Guest 

Most podcasts invite guests to their shows and do not make money on the guest. Naturally, we simply invite guests who we think add value to our shows. Well, at the World Podcast, we actually pay podcasters to interview guests as of this writing. That may change, but for the moment, we offer $5 to any podcaster who hosts a guest from our podcast guest exchange. The guest interviews can add up in income for you, the podcaster. Before interviewing a guest and getting paid, we must approve the transaction before the interview starts. Check out the Guest Exchange on the World Podcast Network.

6. Exclusive Sponsorship Deals

There are massive opportunities for podcasters these days when it comes to exclusive sponsorship deals. Take MommyCast, for example. MommyCast is a podcast starring two Northern Virginia moms who have created an annual sponsorship revenue of more than $500,000 by partnering with companies such as Dixie Consumer Products, Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and Cytyc. 

7. Ask for Donations

Now, this one might seem obvious, but once you’ve started building up an audience who enjoys consuming your content, why not ask for donations? This could be a great option if you’ve created a robust community of dedicated listeners. But don’t just take their money – explain where their donations will go. Are you going to upgrade your mic system? Maybe you’re going to pay a professional editor to help increase the quality of your podcasts. Ultimately, being transparent with your listeners is important when you ask for donations. Patreon is an excellent way to ask for donations as well.

8. Sell Merchandise

Once you’ve created an established podcast, you might consider branching out into other areas to help generate revenue. You could sell merchandise, such as clothes, hats, coffee mugs, posters, and more, and talk about it briefly on your podcast to get your listeners interested and buying. Again, affiliate programs are a great way to sell merchandise and simultaneously keep your overhead to a minimum.

9. Sell a Podcast-Related Course

Nowadays, with the internet so saturated with information, people are just looking for a streamlined way to get the facts they need. Therefore, you might want to build and sell a podcast-related course that is aligned with your listener’s needs and desires. Figure out your unique offer, and then determine a way to teach others how to create the same success that you have! Then, of course, use your podcast to market that course to your listeners.

10. Sell Services

Similar to the previous examples, you could use your podcast to market and sell services you offer to your listeners. Although it is entirely possible to make a full-time income from podcasting (as we’ve shown here), many people use it as a creative side-hustle, meaning it’s a perfect opportunity to let your listeners know about your additional offerings to try and make that bank. 

Final Thoughts 

With the popularity of podcasts exploding in 2022, it’s time to jump on the trend sooner rather than later. We know that the thought of monetizing your podcast can be overwhelming, but hopefully, this list has broken down the exact areas of opportunity for monetization. Plus, we’ve created additional avenues of support through our Podsafe music and Podcast Commercial Exchange services. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team of experts today!

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