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What Is The Future Of Social Media W/ Coco Mocoe

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In the latest episode of The Influence Factor Coco Mocoe a marketing trend predictor and full-time creator joins Alessandro Bogliari CEO amp Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory They discuss various topics related to the Creator Economy and social media including Coco 39 s background challenges as a full-time creator insights into live streaming and content quality and predictions for the future of platforms like YouTube TikTok and Instagram Coco emphasizes the importance of consistency for creators and shares insights on content consumption trends She concludes with predictions for the rise of long-form content and competition among social media platforms Coco Mocoe 39 s Podcast Leave a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Start Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign https timf io IMFnow Want to be a guest Apply here Show Notes 01 00 – Introduction and background of Coco 05 00 – Transitioning to full-time creator 06 20 – Challenges of being a creator 07 55 – The future of live streaming 11 55 – Tiktokkers to follow 13 05 – Breaking through the noise as a creator 15 39 – Researching and making predictions 17 56 – TikTok fatigue and long-form content 20 00 – Connecting with Coco Mocoe Check out some of our previous episodes What a Creator-Led Brand Looks Like w Bryan Reisberg Maxine The Fluffy Corgi What Does it Take to Succeed as a Creator w Nicky Reardon From 400 a Day to a Globally Recognized Brand w Calum Watson Gymshark Redefining Influence Trends Challenges and Opportunities w Keith Bendes Linqia Mastering Money w Vivian Tu Your Rich BFF The Magic of Interfluence w Lubna Mohsin-Haque Est e Lauder Click Create Connect w David Neyman Logitech Screen to Cart w Collette Winn NBCUniversal The Inside Scoop on Social Media w Jasmine Enberg Insider Intelligence Boosting Brands with Vitamin-Infused Marketing w Lisa Chudnofsky The Vitamin Shoppe TikTok 39 s Influence w Adrienne Lahens amp Sofia Hernandez Retaining Influence w Conor Begley CreatorIQ Creator Economy Insights Unveiled w Matt Navarra Influencer Activations that Drive Results w James Creech Brandwatch From Clicks to Cash Unleashing the Power of Linktree for Creator Monetization w Michael Bolen Insider View of VidCon w Colin Hickey Funding the Creative Journey w Aaron DeBevoise Spotter Swipe Right on OkCupid Success w Michael Kaye The Creative Drive Exploring the Passion and Business of the Creator Economy w Brendan Gahan Decoding the Secrets of the Creator Economy w Avi Gandhi The Art of Social Media Creativity w Jon Youshaei Exploring the Influence and Impact of Reddit w Will Cady Navigating Social Media Selling for Maximum Impact w Paul Bakaus Koji New Social Media Subscriptions Super Bowl 39 s Influencers and Content Creators Trips w Lia Haberman Turning Your Content Into a Customer Acquisition Channel with Daniel Markovits Creators Community LinkedIn Innovation Within A Traditional Marketplace w Jake Karls Mid-Day Squares Click here to visit this podcast episode

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