Why I Left, A New Podcast For Those Who Left Their Jobs During the Pandemic

Brian Aquart, an employment attorney, started the podcast Why I Left. Brian discusses, why 1 in 4 people voluntarily left their jobs during the worst pandemic, the causes, and the future of this new trend. Episodes air bi-weekly episodes and Brian interviews guest who left their jobs, some who have been with their companies for years. Brian talks about the “Great Resignation” . Subscribe to Why I Left to hear the experience, insights, and experiences of people who engaged in a new phenomenon in human nature. The first episode features the host Brian Aquart himself and his history and how he dealt with the pandemic. Brian says he wants to encourage autonomy. This podcast is not just about people who left, but also the employers and Brian aims to interview both.

You can watch the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfKxlfJEhko

Why I Left Interview with Brian Aquart and Chelsea Kidd

Ep. 2: Chelsea Kidd – Tapping Into Your Capacity to Learn

One of the episodes that really intrigued me was Ep. 2: Chelsea Kidd – Tapping Into Your Capacity to Learn. Brian interview Chelsea Kidd of Sitewell Solutions who left her job in January 2021. He interviews her on the Great Resignation.

About Host Brian Aquart

Created and hosted by attorney/consultant Brian Aquart, he aims to explore the struggles, triumphs, and epiphanies of the Great Resignation from the people across industries who lived it.

Brian is also a natural podcaster. His show is smooth. His YouTube videos are high-res and this passion about this subject including the Great Resignation is amazing. If you are in this situation, whether you left your job or are thinking about leaving your job, definitely subscribe to this podcast and rate it on Apple at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/why-i-left/id1613667100.

You can get all episodes of this podcast right here on the podcast network at https://worldpodcast.network/podcast/why-i-left-with-brian-aquart/ – This podcast is available on all platforms and you can check them out on the podcast page..

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