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961: From Random To Recognizable Discovering The Roots Of Anxiety

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In today s episode Gina responds to a listener email commenting on his own struggle with anxiety-inducing thoughts The listener suggests the common thread running through the most distressing thoughts he has is that they involve future often catastrophic events that have not yet come to pass Listen in to see how to best respond to such thinking and learn to overcome a major anxiety creating pattern intrusive thinking about events that have not yet and may never come to pass Please visit our Sponsor Page to find all the links and codes for our awesome sponsors https www theanxietycoachespodcast com sponsors Thank you for supporting The Anxiety Coaches Podcast Find even more peace and calm with our Supercast premium access membership https anxietycoaches supercast com Here s what s included for 5 month New Ad-Free episodes every Sunday and Wednesday Access to the entire Ad-free back-catalog with over 600 episodes Premium meditations recorded with you in mind And more fun surprises along the way All this in your favorite podcast app To learn more go to https www theanxietycoachespodcast com Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini Membership Program Learn more about our One-on-One Coaching What is anxiety Quote Your mind is your instrument Learn to be its master not its slave -Remez Sasson Chapters 0 00 24 Going from random to recognizable with anxious thoughts 0 01 09 Realization Anxieties revolve around future events and scenarios 0 03 19 Using mindfulness to bring the mind back to reality 0 13 24 Responding to anxieties with a beneficial mindset 0 14 39 Resting in the idea of handling it when it comes 0 16 31 Realizing the power to come back to the present moment Summary In this episode of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast we delve into the idea of going from random to recognizable with our anxious thoughts We explore the roots of anxiety and how they manifest in our minds One listener shared a comment that resonated with several others – that many of their anxieties had a common thread they were all centered around future events and scenarios This realization was a breakthrough for the listener as they found it helpful to remind themselves that they will handle these situations when they actually occur instead of trying to control them in the present As the host I emphasize the importance of being the master of our minds rather than being enslaved by our anxious thoughts I quote Ramez Sasson who said You have power over your mind not outside events Realize this and you will find strength So often individuals with anxiety search for patterns in their anxieties trying to make sense of their constant worries I ask listeners if they have noticed any patterns in their own anxious thoughts We acknowledge that the anxieties surrounding future events are common and often based on hypothetical scenarios Our imagination can take us to dark places but it s essential not to let these thoughts dictate our present experience or become slaves to our minds Instead we should use our minds as instruments and discern which thoughts require attention and which can be put aside for the time being Moving forward we shift our discussion towards the common anxieties people have about future flights and how to handle them We explore the fact that many of these fears are anticipatory and our imagination can run wild with negative possibilities However it s crucial to remember that these anxieties are not happening in the present moment Spending too much time in future anxious thinking can exhaust our bodies and keep us stuck in a fight or flight reaction pattern The key to breaking free from this pattern is practicing mindfulness and bringing our minds back to the present moment when we catch ourselves falling down the wormhole of anxious thoughts By regularly engaging in meditation and being mindful we build the strength to redirect our thoughts to reality Learn more about your ad choices Visit megaphone fm adchoices

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