Andrew’s Science Corner Is the Ultimate Podcast For Science Fans

Listening to Andrew’s Science Corner at is not only entertaining. It is pure education. Andrew’s episodes cover all facets of science. At just 5 episodes as of the time of this blog post, we look forward to more episodes from this amazing science podcast. It is the 957th podcast to enter the World Podcast Network and we are happy to have this amazing science podcast on our podcast directory. This podcast covers all aspects of not only physical science, but also social sciences including sociology, psychology, history, and social studies. Topics, so far, include the physical body, the psyche, substance abuse and history such as Science Of Magic Mushrooms And Depression, and phenomena such as the mysterious disappearance of Ettore Majorana. The episode title The Psychedelic Revolution: From Shamans To Hippies cover social studies and sociology of the hippy era from the 60s.

Our favorite episodes include:

The Psychedelic Revolution: From Shamans To Hippies

In this episode, Andrew covers the entire  journey of how psychedelic drugs have spanned the globed and how they have been used and abused by the populations studied. Andrew also covers how psychedelic drugs have changed society and different worldwide cultures.

How These Special Neurons Make Us Feel And Connect?

We definitely learned a lot in this episode about human behavior and how our neural systems make us experience common emotions like happiness and sadness, imitating behaviors when we see others doing the same (Andrew mentions doing backflips when we see another do them). This episode is all about neuroscience and how it uncovers the mysteries of how and why we learn. Andrew also explains the role of mirror neurons and how they enable us to use empathy to feel what others are and emulate their behavior like laughter, crying, and smiling. We look forward to more episodes as Andrew’s Science Corner  grows.

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