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Inside Snap’s Playbook W/ Brooke Berry

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In the latest episode of The Influence Factor Alessandro Bogliari CEO amp Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory chats with Brooke Berry Head of Creator Development at Snap They delve into Snap 39 s role in the creator economy highlighting monetization opportunities and tips for emerging creators Brooke underscores the importance of authentic storytelling on Snap and community-building She also mentions Snap 39 s intimate educational creator events Looking ahead she anticipates social media returning to its roots as a platform for connecting with friends and celebrating individuals over specific niches Leave a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Start Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign Get In Touch Want to be a guest Apply here Show Notes 01 30 – Brooke 39 s mission achievements and purpose 03 00 – Day to day as head of Creator Development at Snap 04 05 – Content ecosystems on Snap 06 45 – Tips for emerging creators 10 15 – Snap 39 s role in events like Coachella and SXSW 14 25 – Diversity of creators and content on Snap Check out some of our previous episodes Trends at META w Jackie Pimentel Scaling Miss Excel w Kat Norton What is the Future of Social Media w Coco Mocoe What a Creator-Led Brand Looks Like w Bryan Reisberg Maxine The Fluffy Corgi What Does it Take to Succeed as a Creator w Nicky Reardon From 400 a Day to a Globally Recognized Brand w Calum Watson Gymshark Redefining Influence Trends Challenges and Opportunities w Keith Bendes Linqia Mastering Money w Vivian Tu Your Rich BFF The Magic of Interfluence w Lubna Mohsin-Haque Est e Lauder Click Create Connect w David Neyman Logitech Screen to Cart w Collette Winn NBCUniversal The Inside Scoop on Social Media w Jasmine Enberg Insider Intelligence Boosting Brands with Vitamin-Infused Marketing w Lisa Chudnofsky The Vitamin Shoppe TikTok 39 s Influence w Adrienne Lahens amp Sofia Hernandez Retaining Influence w Conor Begley CreatorIQ Creator Economy Insights Unveiled w Matt Navarra Influencer Activations that Drive Results w James Creech Brandwatch From Clicks to Cash Unleashing the Power of Linktree for Creator Monetization w Michael Bolen Insider View of VidCon w Colin Hickey Funding the Creative Journey w Aaron DeBevoise Spotter Swipe Right on OkCupid Success w Michael Kaye The Creative Drive Exploring the Passion and Business of the Creator Economy w Brendan Gahan Decoding the Secrets of the Creator Economy w Avi Gandhi The Art of Social Media Creativity w Jon Youshaei Exploring the Influence and Impact of Reddit w Will Cady New Social Media Subscriptions Super Bowl 39 s Influencers and Content Creators Trips w Lia Haberman Turning Your Content Into a Customer Acquisition Channel with Daniel Markovits Creators Community LinkedIn Innovation Within A Traditional Marketplace w Jake Karls Mid-Day Squares Click here to visit this podcast episode

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