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Integrating Doing Good And Making Money: A Return To The Roots With Bessi Graham

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In this episode of quot Mind Your Leadership quot Dr Keren Tsuk revisits a profound conversation with Bessi Graham originally recorded in December 2022 now enhanced with a video format Bessi is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience collaborating with business owners governments and large funding bodies to harmonize doing good with making money She brings an unparalleled perspective on driving meaningful change and balancing social impact with profitability Bessi shares insights from her podcast quot Both And with Bessi Graham quot where she teaches people to quiet the noise of external demands and opinions enabling them to hear their own voices clearly and contribute authentically In this episode we delve into integrating doing good and making money exploring how entrepreneurs managers and leaders can connect deeply with themselves to bring their values to life and lead meaningful impactful lives Join us as we discuss the new paradigm of leadership where personal and professional fulfillment are not mutually exclusive and learn practical strategies for embedding these principles into your daily business practices Click here to visit this podcast episode

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