Listen to This Dual-Purpose Podcast for Meditation and Support for Ukraine by Shame Piñata

With a very soothing podcast intro, Colleen Thomas starts this dual-purpose podcast by encouraging her listeners to come into the “circle”, a concept that, as mentioned in the podcast description, invites you to:

🌀 Keep your heart open

🌀 Stay engaged

🌀 Stay awake

The second purpose of this podcast is for meditation. If you are feeling stressed, upset about what has transcended in Ukraine during the last 2 years or both, this is the podcast you should subscribe to. Colleen Thomas’ voice is also relaxing and it is obvious that she has experience in guided meditation. All episodes are under 10 minutes on average and Colleen’s format is to ground you and then bring your focus to the day’s topic. Grounding is an especially important part of this podcast, which weaves in the principles of “trauma-sensitive mindfulness”.  This podcast also debuted on Apple Podcasts at #37 in the United States and #11 in Australia. Really impressive! Each episode paints a picture and usually one that brings out positive vibes in each podcast subscriber. If you need help with meditation, we do suggest listening to this podcast and subscribing to it. You can also rate it on Apple at – Some episodes are about the uplifting, success, and protection of Ukraine. Other episodes are about meditation itself. Some episodes are about both.

In the episode called #119 | Today We Honor the Mothers in Ukraine, the podcast describes the issue of mothers in Ukraine as Colleen instructs you to check in with your heart and also to honor the mothers in Ukraine. This episode may help you to honor your own mother as well.

In episode #113 | Today We Sit with Sadness (video), Colleen encourages us to feel any sadness in our own hearts, and also to consider the sadness felt by Ukrainian citizens. This is an empathetic episode, allowing us to feel as the Ukrainians do. If you feel good about empathizing with others, this episode would be a good fit for you to hear. In just under 12 minutes, you get the same relaxing meditation delivered as in all episodes.

For those podcast subscribers into the practice of Tonglen, this podcast also helps practice it as well. If you want to know more about Tonglen, in a nutshell, it is a type of meditation from the Buddhist practice in from Tibet that involves taking on the suffering of others, and gradually expanding compassion from one person to all sentient beings. Some of the Tonglen episodes in this podcast are #109 | Your Best Friend (Tonglen Meditation), #110 | A Difficult Memory (Tonglen Meditation), #111 | A Globe (Tonglen Meditation)

About Colleen Thomas

Colleen is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher. Find this podcast on the World Podcast Network at

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