How To Find A Guest For Your Podcast

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So one of the dilemmas in podcasting is coming up with two things: content and guests. Most podcasts are fine with creating content. When we talk to the podcasters on the World Podcast Network, we find that they have no problem creating audio and video content for their listeners and subscribers, but they often have no avenue of getting podcast guests. Do all podcasts need guests? No, but over 60% of the podcasters we speak to say that they get bored of having the same hosts all of the time for each and every podcast episode.  Listeners wants a variety of people on the podcasts they listen to. Think of this like a morning radio show. You love the DJ and the music they play, but every once in a while, that radio station’s listeners start to get bored of that DJ, no matter how funny, dynamic and exciting he or she is. There needs to be guests on the radio show to break up the boredom of having the same people on. The same issue hold true with podcasts. Guests are indeed an important part of the show and each every podcast episode needs them.

How to be a Guest on a Podcast?

Podcasters are always looking for new guests for their shows to offer to their listeners. Usually, signing up for a podcast guest exchange is the best way to find podcasts suitable for your business. They have the audience you need. On the World Podcast Network, the podcast guest exchange matches up business owners, both small-business owners and medium-business owners with the podcasts whose audiences may be potential customers of your business. To answer this question, the most important thing to do is become a subscribers of the podcasts you want to be a guest on. You can search many platforms including Apple iTunes and Spotify using their built-in genres. Listen to some of the podcasts that may be a potential for you. Then, it is also important to actually become a subscriber of that podcast so you can know eactly what their content is. Being a podcast guest provides many benefits for small-business owners looking for a new audience for their products and services. To summarize becoming a podcast guest, follow these steps:
  1. Search platforms like Apple iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud with keywords that match your business. Search all three of them.
  2. Listen to the podcast episodes to make sure you identify with the hosts of that podcast. Sometimes, you may like the podcast, but not the voice or tone of the hosts. Remember, you will not only be a guest, but also a co-host for that particular podcast episode.
  3. Subscribe to that podcast. This is probably the most important step in the process. Subscribing let’s you hear the content and decide if this is the right podcast for you to be appear as a guest.
  4. Leave a comment for the podcast host to tell them that you want to be a podcast guest on their show. Email them to find out what their recording schedule is.

How Do Podcasters Find Guests For Their Podcasts?

Podcast guest exchanges are the newest way for podcasters to find guests. When podcasters sign up for a podcast network like the World Podcast Network and browse the directory of available guests. Then, the guests are matched up with the podcasters and appear on their shows.

To find a podcast guest, follow these steps:

  1. Search on Google for the types of businesses that may match your podcast’s theme.
  2. Contact the owner of the business through their phone number or contact form on their website.
  3. Invite them to listen to your show or individual podcast episodes. Tell them that your audience may be potential customers or clients for their business.
  4. Ask them their availability when they record.
Remember, having a podcast guest on your episodes means creating a business relationship with that business owner, because that person (or persons) may become a regular on your show.

Where the podcast guest exchange comes in

The World Podcast Network has started the first podcast guest exchange where it matches small and medium-sized business owners with the podcasts themselves. If a specific podcast is looking for guests for their episode, this is the place to get it. This is a free service to podcasters who are on the Basic, Business, and Professional levels of the World Podcast Network. We provide the guests as a directory and their information and the podcasters will get that information on a private web page or an email blast.

Matching the right podcasts to the right guests

The great thing about the Podcast Guest Exchange is that podcasters in different genres can simply browse the list of guests who may be comedians, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs and find the exact type of guest they are looking for. It is a perfect matchmaking system. the dating app of the podcast world! The World Podcast Network lists the exchange and completes the matchmaking process between podcaster and guest. The perfect combination to help podcasters provide fresh content and guests or co-host for their individual podcast episodes.  

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