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Taking Responsibility For Your Life Choices With Bryan McDonald

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Bryan went through hell and came out the other side and that makes him a Titan Bryan shares stories of a hard childhood family drug and alcohol abuse and learning to set boundaries with family But with all the hardships Bryan went through the greatest thing he learned was to take responsibility for his own choices nbsp Highlights 00 53 What makes Bryan a Titan 12 15 How fear of judgment can hurt us 16 12 How Al-Anon helped Bryan 23 05 When your role in the family is to take care of everyone else 31 58 The thing Bryan doesn t tell people 46 45 Greatest success and biggest mistake 52 21 Coaches need to meet people where they areBryan McDonald bio Bryan is a coach and he is inclined to refocus the conversation to be all about you Bryan is not some naturally gifted listener as his wife often reminds him Rather Bryan has made it part of his life s work to remind people why we have two ears and one mouth When Bryan builds your listening skills with you it will become absolutely clear what your prospects and customers need to be raving fans of what you do They are telling you right now – you just have to know how to hear it Bryan is a family man a self-growth enthusiast and appreciates a great sour beer Also he get entirely too excited about Penn State Connect with Bryan Linkedin linkedin com in mcdonaldbryanWebsite nbsp https www onpurposegrowth com Check out all of our interviews https titanevolutionpodcast com blog Connect with Travis https www linkedin com in nonprofitarchitect Connect with Carol https www linkedin com in carol-carpenter-8231a466 Sponsored Links Podcast TITAN Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level https podcasttitan com Iron Dog Media specializes in delivering high-quality complete media solutions https irondog media Motovixens Experience the Difference https www motovixens com

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